With the FIFA World Cup staring 14th June, it seems the Russian authorities are concerned about their citizens having sex with foreigners and landing up with a mixed-race child. There have also been a lot of reports of discrimination that have come to the fore.Also Read - FIFA World Cup 2022 Organisers Hoping For More Indian Eyeballs Than Previous Edition

The Russian women usually marry foreigners and get up end it badly. Russian womens are advised not to have sex with foreign man during soccer, because they could become single mother to mixed-race childen. Women are often stranded abroad or in Russia but unable to get their children back, she said. Also Read - Pele Backs Kylian Mbappe to Become Best Player of His Generation, Says French Forward Can Emulate His Tally of 1000 Goals

“We must give birth to our children. These (mixed race) kids suffer and have suffered since Soviet times,” said head of parliament’s committee for families, women and children Tamara Pletnyova to Govorit Moskva radio station. Also Read - Manchester City Striker Gabriel Jesus Reflects on His Dipped Form Following World Cup Campaign

“It’s one thing if they’re of the same race but quite another if they’re of a different race. I’m not a nationalist, but nevertheless I know that children suffer. They are abandoned, and that’s it, they stay here with mum,” she said. Adding further she said this happens out of love regardless of their ethnicity”.

Pletnyova is a renowned lawmaker for the KPRF Communist Party, a nominally opposition party that roots for President Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin.

In comments to Govorit Moskva radio station, Alexander Sherin also said Russians should be careful in their interactions with foreigners as they might try to circulate banned substances at the tournament.

There are millions of football fans from across the world who are heading to Russia and hence there is this concern from the government and lawmakers.

The FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony takes place later tonight 6:30 PM IST, followed by the opening fixture between hosts Russia and Saudi Arabia.