With FIFA World Cup 2018 merely 13 days away, it seems like Russia is doing some last-minute sharpening to make it a grand spectacle. The FIFA WC 2018 fever can already be seen globally, but what the Russian cosmonauts showed us left all of us gobsmacked. In a bid to test the official ball (Adidas Telstra 18) that would be used during the tournament, the Russians seem to have resorted to space. Yes, you heard it right! The cosmonauts have been testing the ball that would be used, so that there are no goof-ups during the match. We say, that is damn good!

The official ball that would be used during the tournament is designed by Adidas and is known as Telstra 18, it was unveiled on Thursday.

Here are the videos of the Russian cosmonauts testing the ball in zero gravity. Have a look at it to believe it for yourself.

Russian cosmonauts named Anton Shkaplerov and Oleg Artemyev have demonstrated their zero-gravity football skills in a cosmic kickabout at the International Space Station (ISS).

We are sure FIFA’s flagship event is going to make a huge mark for Russia globally.

The tournament will see 32 teams participating and the tournament will kick off from June 14 and will last till July 15, 2018. It is a month-long tournament and it is surely going to be the biggest event in the sporting calendar. As of now, we cannot see a Group of Death, which is always there. Hence, it is a surprise! One thing is for certain the World Cup fever cannot be avoided. The biggest attractions at the event is going to be Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar Jr., among others.