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FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule: Check Full Schedule For Qatar Tournament Here

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule : A detailed schedule of the group stage matches at the FIFA World Cup 2022 with the time of the match in IST.

Updated: June 30, 2022 11:10 AM IST

By Purv Ashar

Gianni Infantino & Vittorio Montagliani with FIFA Trophy (Credits AP)
Gianni Infantino & Vittorio Montagliani with FIFA Trophy (Credits AP)

New Delhi: The FIFA World Cup 2022 is quickly approaching. Had the tournament been scheduled as it usually is, the World Cup would be on right now. However, with FIFA’s decision to situate the World Cup in Qatar, the timing changed to the winter to suit the players better and prevent them from having to play in dangerously high temperatures. This will lead to matches being played in November and December. According to Stats Perform’s AI model, France are the favorites with a 17.93% of winning and retaining their crown, closely followed by Brazil wish a 15.73% chance of winning. On the other end of the spectrum, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, and Costa Rica have been given a 0.00% chance of winning the tournament.

Here are the fixtures and schedule for the group stage along with the rankings of the teams. Times are all given in IST.

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DateTime (IST)Group NameMatch DayMatchFIFA Rankings (as of 21st June 2022)
21st November 20223:30 PMA1Senegal vs Netherlands20th vs 10th
21st November 20226:30 PMB1England vs Iran5th vs 21st
21st November 20229:30 PMA1Qatar vs Ecuador51st vs 46th
22nd November 202212:30 AMB1USA vs  Wales15th vs 18th
22nd November 20223:30 PMC1Argentina vs Saudi Arabia4th vs 49th
22nd November 20226:30 PMD1Denmark vs Tunisia11th vs 35th
22nd November 20229:30 PMC1Mexico vs Poland9th vs 26th
23rd November 202212:30 AMD1France vs Australia3rd vs 42nd
23rd November 20223:30 PMF1Morocco vs Croatia24th vs 16th
23rd November 20226:30 PME1Germany vs Japan12th vs 23rd
23rd November 20229:30 PME1Spain vs Costa Rica7th vs 31st
24th November 202212:30 AMF1Belgium vs Canada2nd vs 38th
24th November 20223:30 PMG1Switzerland vs Cameroon14th vs 37th
24th November 20226:30 PMH1Uruguay vs South Korea13th vs 29th
24th November 20229:30 PMH1Portugal vs Ghana8th vs 60th
25th November 202212:30 AMG1Brazil vs Serbia1st vs 25th
25th November 20223:30 PMB2Wales vs Iran18th vs 21st
25th November 20226:30 PMA2Qatar vs Senegal10th vs 46th
25th November 20229:30 PMA2Netherlands vs Ecuador
26th November 202212:30 AMB2England vs USA5th vs 15th
26th November 20223:30 PMD2Tunisia vs Australia35th vs 42nd
26th November 20226:30 PMC2Poland vs Saudi Arabia26th vs 49th
26th November 20229:30 PMD2France vs Denmark3rd vs 11th
27th November 202212:30 AMC2Argentina vs Mexico4th vs 9th
27th November 20223:30 PME2Japan vs Costa Rica23rd vs 31st
27th November 20226:30 PMF2Belgium vs Morocco2nd vs 24th
27th November 20229:30 PMF2Croatia vs Canada16th vs 38th
28th November 202212:30 AME2Spain vs Germany7th vs 12th
28th November 20223:30 PMC2Cameroon vs Serbia37th vs 25th
28th November 20226:30 PMH2South Korea vs Ghana29th vs 60th
28th November 20229:30 PMG2Brazil vs Switzerland1st vs 14th
29th November 202212:30 AMH2Portugal vs Uruguay8th vs 13th
29th November 20228:30 PMA3Ecuador vs Senegal46th vs 20th
29th November 20228:30 PMA3Netherlands vs Qatar10th vs 51st
30th November 202212:30 AMB3Iran vs USA21st vs 15th
30th November 202212:30 AMB3Wales vs England18th vs 5th
30th November 20228:30 PMD3Tunisia vs France35th vs 3rd
30th November 20228:30 PMD3Australia vs Denmark42nd vs 11th
1st December 202212:30 AMC3Poland vs Argentina26th vs 4th
1st December 202212:30 AMC3Saudi Arabia vs Mexico49th vs 9th
1st December 20228:30 PMF3Croatia vs Belgium16th vs 2nd
1st December 20228:30 PMF3Canada vs Morocco38th vs 24th
2nd December 202212:30 AME3Japan vs Spain23rd vs 7th
2nd December 202212:30 AME3Costa Rica vs Germany31st vs 12th
2nd December 20228:30 PMH3South Korea vs Portugal29th vs 8th
2nd December 20228:30 PMH3Ghana vs Uruguay60th vs 13th
3rd December 202212:30 AMG3Serbia vs Switzerland25th vs 14th
3rd December 202212:30 AMG3Cameroon vs Brazil37th vs 1st

Written By Purv Ashar

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