In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic that has affected sports across the globe, Tottenham Hotspur manager Jose Mourinho feels the transfer market will be different. Mourinho also said that clubs would be skeptical about making ”crazy” investments.Also Read - Real Madrid Boss Florentino Perez Lands in Fresh Controversy; Calls Ronaldo, Mourinho 'Imbecile' in Leaked Audio

Mourinho believes spending big money on players will be the last thing on clubs” minds as they are still reeling from the monetary implications put forward by the COVID-19 crisis. Also Read - Football: Jose Mourinho to Replace Paulo Fonseca as AS Roma Coach From Serie A 2021-22 Season

“To be honest, I think in this moment it is the last thing we are thinking. There are no talks about it,” Mourinho told Sky Sports. Also Read - Jose Mourinho Sacked as Tottenham Hotspur Manager

“In this moment, we think about safety, following every rule inside the training ground. We are trying to be perfect inside the club and we don”t think about it.

“But you ask me and I am not going to run away. It”s normal that we are going to have a different market. I don”t see the world and especially the football world, ready for crazy numbers that we are used to and crazy investments that some clubs and leagues are used to doing.

Mourinho also spoke about the timing of the summer transfer window which usually takes place in July and August. The Portuguese trainer feels the window will be moved to a different date considering the ongoing problems related to coronavirus.

“To be honest, the first question after that will be when will the transfer window be? Of course I don”t think it will be anymore in July or August. It has to go further than that,” Mourinho said.

“But I can imagine clubs… if you ask me what I would like at my club, I would like my club to be what I know that it is going to be.

“It is going to be sensible, balanced, it is not going to spend rivers of money and we are trying to respect the situation. Not just the football, but the situation of the world and society overall.”

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