Lionel Messi have won everything that there is possible to win with his club, FC Barcelona from the Spanish league, while his rival Cristiano Ronaldo has won everything with Manchester United (England), Real Madrid (Spain) and is on track of doing the same in the Italian league with Juventus – this will always remain an edge that the Portuguese would possess as bragging rights when it comes to the ‘Greatest of all time’ (G.O.A.T) debate between him and Messi.

It is no secret that Messi have talked about other clubs in the past, however, he has not clearly indicated that he will move away from Camp Nou. Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo spoke about the Argentine and the on-field rivalry between them to the Italian press, “I’d like him to come to Italy one day. I hope he accepts the challenge like me, but if he’s happy there then I respect that”, he said. Just days after his comments, FIFA agent Alessio Sundas has said that he would want to take Messi to Italy (Serie A football league).

“In these days I had an exchange of emails with Pep Segura, the general manager of Barcelona, and also with Leo’s father who takes care of his interests. Their reply was not a big “no” like it happened in the past,” Sundas said while speaking with Radio Goal 24.

The Italian agent has also revealed that he had made a proposal to the management team of Barcelona and Lionel Messi with a move to Italy, although the reply was negative, Sundas insists that Messi and his club are not that against the idea of moving the player to Italy.

“Initially, my idea was to propose the deal to Napoli because I think that Messi is the only one able to approach and, in some way, revive the myth of Maradona. It would be a stimulating challenge. However, this operation with Napoli is not easy at all. Not all the clubs can afford a player like Leo and with AC Milan struggling with the UEFA sanctions, I believe that Inter remains the only reliable club, both in economic and technical terms. Bringing Messi to Inter would mean to place the unique market transfer capable of equalizing the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus,” Sundas said.