Former Australian spin wizard is a showman for sure. He is making headlines years after he has left cricket and that is no surprise given the kind of inside knowledge he has about the game. With the release of his book ‘No spin’ around the corner, the former spin wizard has been on a promotional spree. Recently, during an interview with NDTV, the cricketer revealed the batsman he would want to bat for his life and also about a Pakistan cricketer who had approached him way back in 1994-95.

“Saleem Malik offered me 200,000 US dollars, he said it will be in my room in half-an-hour if I bowl wide of the off-stump and the match was a draw. That’s the bottom line of what he asked,” Warne told NDTV.

He also said how he had once been approached by a bookie just after he had lost money at a casino.

“I lost 5000 thousand dollars in a casino and a friend of Mark Waugh said, ‘look, here is the 5000’ and I said ‘no, I’m okay’. But he said, ‘no strings attached and no nothing’ and that was that,” Warne recalled.

The two batsman he has high regards for.

“Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara, easily, were the best batsmen of our generation, my time. If I want someone to score a hundred on the final day of the Test series, I would send Lara. But if I want someone to bat for my life day in, day out, I would send Tendulkar, he was a class act,” Warne remarked.

Meanwhile, Pakistan is hosting Australia in their adopted home in Dubai for a Test series.