Harendra Singh, the former India men’s hockey coach, is helping the country by performing a different role. Harendra, who coached the men’s national hockey team from May 2018 to January 2019, is currently serving India in its fight for COVID-19. A former India hockey player, Harendra is serving as the General Manager (commercial) of Air India and helping in the evacuation for Indians from nations struck with the Coronavirus. Also Read - List of Delhi Hotels Attached With Hospitals For Covid-19 Patients

As on Saturday, 258 cases of COVID-19 have been reported in India, and being the fighter that he is, at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi Terminal 3, Harendra is overseeing operations and ensuring the smooth transit of those rescued by the government. He and his team have been working for almost 72 hours at a stretch. Also Read - After Many Sadhus Show COVID Symptoms, Niranjani Akhada Announces End of Kumbh Mela For Them

“I am stationed here from the first flight that evacuated Indians from Wuhan, the epicentre of coronavirus. It is my duty and I am privileged to have been given this opportunity by the Air India management,” Harendra, who is Air India’s GM (Commercial) told PTI. Also Read - Despite Strict Restrictions, Maharashtra Registers 61,695 Fresh COVID Cases In Last 24 Hours

“It is a very big challenge for me and being the leader, I had to set the example for the team, groom and motivate them. I would like to congratulate all those from Air India who are associated with this mission.”

Harendra, winner of the Prestigious Dronacharya Award, is known to abide by the “3C Principles” of communication, coordination and commitment. It was this theory that helped Harendra lead Indian hockey to the Junior Hockey World Cup glory in the year 2016, and in a scenario of pandemonium in the country, Harendra suggests the same idea must be followed if India are to defeat the dreaded virus that has strengthened its clutches on the world.

“In this mission too, I just followed my 3C formula. It is the same formula which I employed during the Junior World Cup. When you have got an opportunity to serve the country, you can’t take a step back. Life threat is there but I am enjoying every bit of this challenge,” said Harendra, who is mostly seen in a Hazmat suit.

“Thousands of doctors, policemen, emergency service workers are working round the clock putting their life at risk, so I can’t be an exception. It’s a big opportunity for me to serve the nation on a different platform but we also have to ensure that we take all the necessary precautions.”