Legendary former Indian cricket spinner, Anil Kumble has had a commendable international career and holds the record of the highest wicket-taker in the country. The former Indian cricket team coach has several accolades to his name and his calm and collected persona was and still is admired by fans all across the cricketing world. For most Indian cricket fans, an encounter with Kumble is an experience of a lifetime and something they long for.

One such occasion recently occurred when a fan, Sohini, boarded the same flight with legend and just could not hold her emotions back on seeing Kumble. She took to Twitter to describe her experience and recalled the memorable clash between India and West Indies, where the spinner displayed a sensational performance despite carrying a jaw-injury.

In another tweet, the fan wrote how she wanted to just walk over to Anil Kumble in the flight which was destined to Mumbai from Bangaluru, and thank him for all the joy, victories and unforgettable memories that she shared as a fan during Kumble’s days on the pitch. However, she said she was getting “cold feet” to do so.

“The legendary @anilkumble1074 in my BLR-MUM flight. Glanced at him once and was reminded of that game in West Indies where he bowled with a bandaged jaw. Teared up a bit. Gawwddd, I’m such a sucker for cricket memories,” Sohini wrote in her first tweet.

“I want to go up to @anilkumble1074 and say a ‘Thank You’ for all the joy, all the victories, all the memories. But, I am getting cold feet,” she wrote on her following tweet.

Little did the fan know that she would be gifted with the experience of a life-time- Kumble replied to her tweet, asking her to come over and say hi after take-off, “Please feel free to come over and say hi after taking off @Mittermaniac,” he wrote.