Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic said he would be open for a return to his old club Manchester United when his contract with Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy ends in November this year.

The former Sweden international moved to the USA club in March 2018 after his two-year contract with the Premier League club was terminated early. In his debut 2016-17 season, Ibrahimovic had scored 28 goals for United before going down to a knee injury. However, despite expressing his interest to be back at the Old Trafford he would not be able to play for the Reds till Januray when the English transfer window reopens.

“I could play easy in the Premier League, so if United needs me, I’m here. Galaxy has me, so I’m sorry,” the 37-year-old was quoted as saying by BBC. However, he did not rule out the opportunity of returning to Europe and highlighted the illustrious career he had had across the top league of the continent. “I did my job in Europe. I enjoyed it, I have 33 trophies that I brought with me here and hopefully I can get something here. And then we will see where that adventure finishes,” added the footballer who has played in all the top-five leagues of Europe.

To further display his interest for United, he informed that he still keeps track of their campaign on a daily basis. Talking about their first home defeat of the season, Zlatan said that the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer-managed side were unlucky losing to a much-weaker Crystal Palace. He also reflected on United’s missed penalty chances on two consecutive matches and added that had the penalties been converted it could have turned out a different match.

“I saw the last game and I think they were unlucky. If they score the penalty it’s a different game, but a game in England is not finished until it’s finished. Anything can happen, especially in the last minutes where everything is in the heat of the moment,” added Ibrahimovic.

Apparently, Manchester United missed penalties in back to back games. While the first was missed by Paul Pogba against Wolves and the next mistake was committed by Marcus Rashford against Crystal Palace five days later.

Furthermore, the striker also added that he still remains in touch with his former United teammate and French footballer Paul Pogba. “I speak with him. A lot of advice I give – but nothing I share with you,” he said with a wry smile.