Former South African wicketkeeper-batsman Herschelle Gibbs, on Tuesday, engaged in a hilarious banter on Twitter with Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt.

Taking to his official Twitter handle, Gibbs on Monday wrote, “Morning birds are tweeting so I’ll do the same and say have a good one folks”

The above-mentioned tweet was liked by Twitter’s own handle, to which Gibbs further posted, “That feeling when @Twitter likes your tweet.” However, this tweet did not come alone and had a GIF featuring Alia Bhatt.

Following this tweet, his fans and other users started asking the cricketer if he knew who the lady in the GIF was. To everyone’s surprise, Gibbs tweeted that he had no idea who she was.

Meanwhile, in the course of the events, the cricketer learnt the whataboutery of Alia. Also, with the reactions on the tweet rapidly increasing Gibbs tried to calm things down and tweeted, “Didn’t know you were an actress @aliaa08 but nice gif.”

Following this clarification, everyone thought the whole fiasco could see the end. But Alia, surrounding whom the entire scene unfolded, seemed to have taken enough notice of the sequence of the events. She, too, joined the fun as she retweeted Gibbs’ last tweet with a different GIF where she was seen imitating the umpire’s action of signalling a boundary.

Gibbs was in no mood to give it up and replied by saying, “I deal in 6s madam not fours.”

No further reply from Alia has come yet and it would be interesting to see if she chooses to extend this fun banter or not. Meanwhile, Gibbs retired from an illustrious career in international cricket from 2010. Though many remember Yuvraj Singh for hitting six sixes in an over, it was actually Herschelle Gibbs who achieved the feat in international cricket for the first time. While Yuvraj did the heroics in a T20I match against England, Gibbs remains the only batsman in ODI cricket to hit all the balls in an over for six. He did it in the ICC World Cupp 2007 in West Indies against the Netherlands.