Frank Lampard, manager of Chelsea, has laid down the rules… and how? The former Chelsea midfielder, considered one of the best in the world, has imposed a strict disciplinary code among his players which comprises a penalty worth a whopping £20000 for those turning up late for training.

Lampard has framed and hung a list titled “Chelsea FC 1st Team Internal Player Fines Season 2019-20,” which has the list of offence and the fine associated with it. If a player is late for a team meeting, he is eligible for a fine of £500 per minute. If a player’s phone rings during a team meal or a meeting, its fine is worth £1000. Players failing to report an injury or illness ahead of a day off or within 90 minutes of training will have to shell out £10000.

Other breaches include refusal of turning up for corporate and communal duties, being late for medical appointments, treatments, in gym for pre-activation and even for reporting in the wrong attire during for team travel.

All fines must be paid inside 14 days, failure of which will result in the outstanding amount being doubled. These will be collected and monitored by Lampard’s coaching staff with the total amount directed towards charity and team activities. As per the fine sheets, Lampard has also restricted the entry of agents, unless it’s a business-related assignment and the players are supposed to inform if they intent on travelling abroad.

The list is dated August 27 and signed by Lampard himself. Moreover, with Chelsea having registered six English Premier League wins in a row, taking the No. 3 position on the leaderboard, Lampard’s move seems to be working and delivering the goods for The Blues.