Former India cricketer-turned-politician Gautam Gambhir is the latest to lash out at former Pakistan captain and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) speech.

Gambhir, who was elected as the BJP’s MP from East Delhi, is known for voicing his opinion on social media even when it comes to the extent of slamming India’s arch-rivals Pakistan.

In his latest tweet on Monday, Gambhir slammed Imran Khan for failing to show qualities of a true sportsperson at the UNGA event. He also demanded his elimination from the sports community following his speech at the event.

“Sportspeople are supposed to be role models. Of good behavior. Of Team spirit. Of ethics. Of strength of character. Recently in the UN, we also saw a former sportsperson speak up. As a role model for terrorists. @ImranKhanPTI should be excommunicated from sports community,” Gambhir wrote in his tweet.

Imran raised the issue about Kashmir at the recently-concluded UNGA event held in New York. Prime Minister Narendra Modi too was present at the event, but instead spoke about India’s achievements and the growth the country has witnessed under his government. Imran meanwhile, walked a different path delving deeper into the Kashmir issue and even warned of a nuclear war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.

In a speech earlier that described his anticipation around his UNGA speech, Imran previously said: “I will treat this as net practice for tomorrow. I have never, in my 23 years of political career, I have never seen anticipation for my speech tomorrow at UNGA, the closest feeling I’ve had in the past was before the World Cup cricket final I played a long time ago.”