Former Arsenal manager and legend Arsene Wenger has insisted that midfielder Mesut Ozil must come out of retirement for the benefit of the club, country, and his progress as a footballer.

The star midfielder retired from international duties citing racism and disrespect shown to him by the German football federation (DFB) after a poor campaign at the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia, where the former world champions crashed out of the tournament after suffering defeats against Mexico and South Korea.

The Arsenal footballer celebrated who his 30th birthday on Monday, was made the scape-goat of Germany’s substandard display at the world cup and quit the team a month-and-a-half after his photo with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sparked a controversy.

Ozil’s contribution to Diemannschaft has been nothing short of impressive, with a tally of 23 goals and 40 assists in 92 appearances and winning ‘German National Footballer of The Year’ award five times during his international career. He also played in all the matches of the 2014 world cup campaign, where the Germans were crowned champions.

After his retirement, Germany’s form continued to deteriorate which gave pundits and fans the platform to question the “scape-goat” remarks made on Ozil following the world cup. The Jochim low side has suffered defeats by France and a 3-0 hammering by the hands of the Netherlands in the UEFA Nations League.

The magnitude of Ozil’s fall-out with the German national team was huge and garnered attention from all over the world but Wenger, who coached Ozil from 2013 to 2018 has stated while speaking to Bild, that it would be in the best interest for both the sides to come together again.

‘I believe that Germany needs Ozil,’ Wenger told Bild. ‘I hope that Low can convince him that he will come back. Ozil is a super football player and was not the worst in the World Cup.

‘I did not like that he left the team. A little bit of motivation disappears when you know that you do not have to be ready for the World Cup and European Championship.

‘I love it when the player is as good as possible. If he does not play on an international level, a bit is lost.’

Wenger managed Arsenal for 22 years and he also hinted that he could be with a new job in 2019.
‘I think it will start again on 1 January,’ said Wenger. ‘I’m well rested, ready to work again.

‘There are associations, national teams; it could be also [in] Japan. Thanks to my 22 years at Arsenal, I have big experience on different levels. There are inquiries from all over the world.’

(Quotes credits- Bild)