Former India captain, Sourav Ganguly dropped a bomb on twitter where was seen criticising ‘someone’ without taking a name, on Sunday. Ganguly’s tweet came right after India defeated Australia in The Oval by 36 runs.

Ganguly, who is in England covering the World Cup as an official ICC commentator, tweeted, “His comments on Twitter is a bit like his batting meaningless and lack of ideas  .. may be just an attention seeker…in the negative way”.

It was not clear who was Ganguly referring to in his tweet, but minutes after he posted it fans went berserk and started the guessing game.

While many considered the ‘someone’ in his tweet was ex-Indian cricketer and his fellow ICC commentator Sanjay Manjrekar.

The reason behind fans linking Ganguly’s tweet to Manjrekar was because the former Mumbai cricketer had tweeted hours before where wrote, “Always happy when Sourav Ganguly is in commentary. You get to relax not just in between commentary stints but during it too.”

There were also many in the comments section who thought the tweet was intended to former England captain Michael Vaughan who is known for his controversial remarks on the social media handle.


However, one thing that has been clear at this point of time is that the name of ‘someone’ will be revealed from Dada’s side but the message has surely been served.