World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) tag team Hardy Boyz is one of the greatest tag teams in the professional wrestling entertainment business and the Vince Mc Mahon-led group could be set to lose the duo. According to several reports, the iconic tag team could move to the All Elite Wrestling company.Also Read - Road Dogg, WWE Hall of Famer, Hospitalised After Heart Attack

Since making their debut, the tag team of Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy have won several titles across different companies in the wrestling companies. Their high-flying and risky maneuvres style won them several fans and it did not take the duo too long to become very popular all across the world. Also Read - WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Full Results: The Miz Wins WWE Championship, Roman Reigns Retains Universal Championship

The Hardy Boyz made a great comeback at Wrestlemania 33 and was received with a huge cheer from the overjoyed fans at the stadium. Both the stars have remained with the WWE since then and Matt Hardy even visited India earlier last year for promotion purposes. Also Read - WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair Announces She Will be Part of 2021 Women's Royal Rumble

The All Elite Wrestling company was started with the investment of the Khan family. Former WWE stars like Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, and several others have already signed with the company. Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio discussed on the possibility of the Hardy Boyz jumping ship to AEW from WWE.

“I know that both of their deals will be up right before WrestleMania because they signed right before WrestleMania a couple of years ago. I could see [WWE extending their contracts] right now. I don’t know it, but it makes sense. I know they don’t want Matt and Jeff Hardy as free agents right now, you know?”

“The Hardy Boys going to AEW to feud with The Young Bucks? Man, I wouldn’t want that at all if I’m WWE,” said Meltzer. If the Hardy Boyz depart, it would be a huge loss for the WWE as the duo are very popular amongst the WWE fans.