India cricketer Cheteshwar Pujara was supposed to be in Gloustershire for the County Championship in the United Kingdom, instead, he is helping his wife clean the house, dishes. Amid the lockdown, he urged others to help their wives with the household chores during the tough times. Also Read - Virat Kohli's Old Slam Book From School Days Goes Viral | SEE PIC

“It is a tough time because there is no domestic help right now. I help her with cleaning the house. Cooking – I am not good at, but I help out washing the dishes. People should help their partner, whether it is cleaning, cooking, whatever you can. In Indian culture the men are usually not used to doing [house] work,” he said in an interview with ESPN Cricinfo. Also Read - How MS Dhoni Helped Cricketer Indrani Roy Grow as a Wicketkeeper!

A competitive Pujara also revealed he plays a lot of badminton these days with his wife Puja and admits he hates losing. Also Read - Assam Lockdown Guidelines: Shops to Close at 11 AM, No Vehicular Movement After 12 PM | Full List of Fresh Restrictions Here

“I can’t allow my wife to win. I can’t allow anyone to win against me [at badminton]. That is not possible. I’ve been telling her that she has to get better at it and win that way,” he said.

Admitting that we do not have much time for family and friends nowadays, the Test specialist also revealed he is doing meditation nowadays and urged citizens to do a prayer every day.

“Sometimes we don’t have enough time for our family, for our friends. Personally, I knew this part already because I have meditated on this. Not actual meditation, but I do a prayer every day,” he added.