Virender Sehwag was missing at the premier of the film Sachin: A Billion Dreams earlier this week. He told us on Twitter why. Sehwag wrote that while he was invited for the premier, he could not attend it because he was away on holiday with his wife. Sehwag tweeted, “Godji invited for #SachinPremiere ,but Biwi ji took me away to a holiday. Godji toh prasad chadake maan jaate hain,but Biwi ji kahaan maanti.”

Sehwag also posted a short video on Twitter in which he said that he plans to watch the film. The film based on Sachin Tendulkar’s life released across the country on May 26. It is a documentary-like film which has been directed by London-based and Emmy-nominated moviemaker James Erskine.

Tendulkar has been seen promoting the film extensively. It remains to be seen how the audience receive the film as reactions pour in over this weekend.

Talking to Filmfare on the movie, Tendulkar had said, “We have added rare footage of my life. It will give audiences a new perspective to me as a person. Whatever is shown in the movie is more of what was going on in my mind during the highs and lows of my life, which no one knows about, except me.”