From being the Dutch Sportswoman of The Year to living in and out of jail, filing a lawsuit against her parents and finally finding success in the adult industry, gymnast Verona van de Leur has had an extraordinary 34 years of her life so far.

Van de Leur had everything going her way as a teenager when in 2002 the budding gymnast was named Dutch Sportswoman of the Year.  She had won the all-around silver medal at that year’s European championships and the silver medal on floor exercise at the world championships. She won five medals at the European Championship in Patras, Greece Even though she missed the cut for the 2004 Athens Olympics, by 2007 van de Leur won the Dutch all-around champions for the fourth time.

But, a year later she quit the sport after an injury and owing to lack of motivation and conflicts with the national federation.  The biggest reason though was her problems with the parents at their home. Her folks were using up her money, and Van de Leur wasn’t getting any. “I think in the last year of my career I was asking for money but I wasn’t getting a clear answer. I just thought well it’s my dad I don’t want to have an argument he knows what he’s doing. When I quit they didn’t accept it and he came back with all these arguments.

“He came up with all kinds of excuses but when I saw some of the papers I knew there was a lot wrong then I realised all the money I should have had was spent. Money is a big drive for them but it wasn’t for me. With money you find out more about people. I don’t know who my own parents are. You look back to the gymnastics and all the pushing and what is important. Was it for your daughter or just the bank account? You feel used in a way,” Van de Luer tells The Sun in an interview.

She eventually filed a lawsuit and won £81,000. However, the money soon ran out and she was forced to live out of her car with her boyfriend. She was later arrested when she blackmailed a couple who were having an affair and asked for 1,000 euros, spending 72 days in prison But, it was in the prison that she was approached by a company to join the adult industry

With the pay as good as she would have hoped, Van de Leur became a pornstar and started working as webcam girl before performing only with her boyfriend “The erotic business wasn’t a decision, it was more of an opportunity for me. I was coming from much worse so for me it was a big step,” she says. “I enjoyed my work. I can look back on eight good years,” she adds.

Verona has released a new book documenting her extraordinary life called ‘Simply Verona’ Simply Verona is available in hardback from all online retailers now and will be published in ebook on 1st April.