S Sreesanth on Sunday said that he was not involved in spot-fixing. The Supreme Court of India had given the Indian pacer some relief after scraping the life ban imposed on him by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).The apex court gave the Indian cricket board to reconsider the quantum of punishment for the Kerala cricketer. Also Read - Supreme Court Stays HC Order on Groping Minor Without 'Skin to Skin Contact'

Sreesanth, meanwhile, stated that he will not be involved in match-fixing even if it is for Rs. 100 crores. Also Read - Cricket Australia Confirms Jasprit Bumrah And Mohammed Siraj Were Racially Abused in Sydney

“I swear on my kids, I swear on my dad, who is ill but surviving for the last five-and-half years just to watch a match, I swear on my mom, who had her left leg amputated just one-and-half months back and who hasn’t given up hope of watching me in a match — I haven’t done it (spot-fixed in a game). I will never do it even for 100 crores,” Sreesanth was quoted as saying by Indian Express. Also Read - ICC World Test Championship Final Delayed by Eight Days to Avoid Potential Clash With IPL 2021

Sreesanth said that some of the cricketers continued to play even as they were involved in fixing. He though, despite having “proof” did not take any names.

“To those players who did it (fixing) and are still playing, having a smiley face, I just want to say, I am not you guys. I can take names easily with proof (as I was shown by police) but I won’t do it. That’s not me. It has taken seven years for me to get back my life. Some of them are still playing, some retired — not just in this country but across the word. I don’t think they are strong enough to handle what I went through… they are all just accused and I don’t want to drag them,” said Sreesanth.

The right-arm pacer, who has 87 Test wickets against his name, also said that he will like to play the game once again.

“The court has given me a huge lifeline and I am happy with the opportunity given to me,” said Sreesanth.

“There are so many leagues happening all around the country and cricket is my bread and butter. To take care of my family, I need cricket back,” concluded Sreesanth.