Ian Thorpe was one of the greatest athletes of his time. At 15, he became a world champion and it was not juniors. Watch one of the most remarkable feats in sport in the video below. The three-time individual Olympic gold medallist they say was more gifted than anyone the sport saw. Thorpe has been such a great swimmer of his time that he brought a lot of people to his sport. And yet he was probably never as driven as say a Michael Phelps. A five-time overall Olympic gold medallist, Thorpe has been at the top of his game as a TV pundit recently.

The Australian swimming great is as graceful on screen as he was in the pool. It is fair to say that Thorpe retired too early. He only competed at the Olympics because he had to but probably that was not his ultimate goal and you are talking about a man who was often dubbed the most extraordinary athlete on the planet, at least by his fans.

Thorpe has been an interesting character. He was a boy who became a legend. He was an icon in Australia like there was no tomorrow. One has to say that watching him cheer for Indian athletes on Indian television recently was quite exciting. Thorpe probably was more gifted than Phelps and yet he chose to retire at an early age. Also Read- Michael Phelps announces his retirement from Olympic Games

It of course has to be put into perspective. Thorpe achieved a lot at an early age and one has to say that his career was more than complete. Also Read- Michael Phelps loses The Race of the Century, watch video of the American versus Ian Thorpe, Pieter van den Hoogenband