ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: In what has been a shaky run for both the teams in ICC World Cup 2019, Pakistan and Bangladesh, though, are still left with chances to qualify for the semis. While Bangladesh have so far seven points in their bank from as many matches, Pakistan are left with five points from six matches. More than their victory against South Africa it was England’s defeat to Sri Lanka that have opened up the chances for both the team, with the island team also joining in the contention.

Pakistan defeated South Africa by quite a margin on Sunday. The victory not only opened up the gates for them to qualify for the semis but should also lift their spirit up after the dismal show against India. Pakistan have three remaining matches and the and will hope to extract maximum result out of it. They will next face unbeaten New Zealand on Wednesday, in what will be their toughest challenge so far, before facing Afghanistan Pakistan on June 29 and July 5 respectively.

Sri Lanka, on the other hand, are in the most comfortable position among the three teams. After defeating England they are left with six points from as many games.  They will next face South Africa, West Indies and India in their remaining three matches.

Check the full updated points table here. 

Semi-Final Probability For Pakistan

Win all the remaining matches: Victory in all the three matches would take the Sarfaraz Ahmed-led side to 11. But, given their next match against New Zealand, that possibility looks bleak. Still, if they manage to pull up wonder and win all their remaining matches, a semis berth will not be guaranteed as England would need to lose two matches for the Men in Green to qualify. They will also hope that either India or Australia don’t win any of their remaining matches.

Win in two of the remaining matches: Two wins will take them to nine points and make their case much more harder. They would then have to look at India and England’s campaign and hope that these teams don’t win any further matches which, at this moment looks near to impossible. Also how the other teams perform would be of prime importance to them as two wins by Sri Lanka and one by Bangladesh could see Pakistan packing bags.

Win in one of the remaining matches: A single win from their three remaining matches will take Pakistan to seven points and will present them with no chance to qualify.

Semi-Final Probability For Bangladesh

Win all the remaining matches: If the Tigers win all their remaining matches it would mean 11 points and the conditions will look somewhat similar to Pakistan. They will hope for England to lose two matches and India or Australia to not win anything from now.

Win one of their remaining matches: A single win, which possesses the higher chances, will take them to nine points and make their case near to impossible. They will hope that India, Australia and England don’t win any matches and Sri Lanka not win more than one.

Semi-Final Probability For Sri Lanka

Win all their remaining matches: Victory in all the games would take the islanders to 12 points and could well enough reserve a berth for them in the semis.

Win two their remaining matches: Two victory from their last three matches should take the Dimuth Karunartne0-led side to 10 points which will still give them a strong chance of qualifying. But, it will be subject to a lot of permutations and combinations. Sri Lanka would hope that India don’t win any match and England not more than one. They would also want Bangladesh to not win more than one and Pakistan lose at least one from their remaining matches.

Win one of their remaining matches: One victory will give them eight points in total and should be a virtual end to their campaign. But a slim chance of stepping in to the semis might remain if England and Bangladesh don’t win any and Pakistan not more than one.

The World Cup is well alive with five teams playing for two potential spots in the semi-final berth. As the tournament progresses, it is likely to get more hard-fought between the teams.