Bengaluru, Mar 24: After beating Bangladesh by just one run margin in one of the most thrilling match in ICC T20 World Cup, Indian skipper MS Dhoni might expecting appreciation for his commendable job in the last over. A journalist while asking question to Dhoni forced captain cool to lose his cool at the press conference held after the India vs Bangladesh match. But captain cool successfully encountered him without losing his cool.

Here is the video of the post match press conference in which M S Dhoni rip apart journalist in the most ruthless manner. Dhoni, who is known for his calmness and cool attitude, gave an apt reply when a reporter tried to belittle India’s thrilling win asking question about India’s low run rate. When asked how happy he was with the performance, considering the team’s run rate is still very low, Dhoni took on the journo, however calmly, in the way he was really deserving. (ALSO WATCH: Match highlights & results of IND vs BAN, ICC T20 World Cup 2016 Match)

The video is just another proof that why M S Dhoni is called ‘captain cool’. You go after him in the most aggressive way and he will keep your mouth shut in the most polite manner. Similar scene was witnessed at the press conference. Watch Dhoni’s hard-hitting reply to journalist below: