In a recent interview with Cricket Australia, Chris Gayle said that there was never any doubt about his selection in the World Cup squad as he suggested that it has been his long term goal after the 2015 World Cup. “There’s nothing to go out there and prove, the only thing that would be nice is to win the World Cup. I am still in good nick”, said Gayle.

Gayle also asserted that bowlers are still petrified of him but don’t admit it openly. “Go ask them on camera. They’re going to say, no, they’re not scared. But you ask them off the camera, they going to say, ‘Yeah, he’s the man. He’s the man.’ They’re going to say, ‘he’s the man.’

Asked why does he feel the way, he exclaimed, “Can’t you tell? You go ask them. But they won’t say it (on camera), they won’t be frank and upfront and say, ‘Listen to me straight up, Chris Gayle is the man.’

The self-proclaimed ‘Universe Boss’, who is known for his power hitting, was called to the West Indian squad just before the World Cup. He has not played an ODI for the last two years and on being confronted if he can create the same impact that he did earlier, he said, “Youngsters coming at my head – it’s not as easy as it was like one time before, I was quicker then.” But he believes that the cricket he played in this year’s IPL would help him in the 10-nation tournament in England. “I had a not-so-bad IPL, coming after the home series against England”, said Gayle.

The swashbuckling batsman was in red hot form in the recently concluded IPL, where he became the first man to hit 300 sixes. Despite his personal dominance, the Carribeans are not being seemed as a force to reckon in this World Cup. But the Jamaican star refused to believe that and said his team possess all the ingredients to win the title. He further said, “It’s a long tournament. For me personally I just have to monitor it as much as possible and just get the mindset right.”

In recent times, not many cricketers have pushed themselves on this late and Gayle, who turns 40 in September, feels it’s his love of the game that’s kept him going. “To be honest with you, it’s the fan, it’s the love of the game. Sometimes as sportsmen, they don’t know when to walk away. If you’re enjoying it, it’s always easy (to keep playing) and I’m enjoying it”, he said.