ICC  World Cup 2015 winning captain Michael Clarke introduced the most coveted cricket trophy during the opening ceremony of the ICC World Cup 2019. During the opening ceremony,  Australia won the 60 seconds challenge.

With the ICC World Cup 2019 all set to start on June 30 with England and South Africa match, the opening ceremony took place at The Mall in front of the Buckingham Palace in Central London on Wednesday.

The event started with the introduction of the captains on the stage. Eoin Morgan and Virat kohli got the loudest of the cheers. The Indian captain said, “We have a strong fan base in England which is good to see and I feel proud to play here.” The captains then went on to meet the queen at the Buckingham Palace.

As the ceremony continued a fun event called “60 Seconds Challenge” was played out. Two personalities represented each playing nation where they got 60 seconds to face as many balls as possible and score the maximum  runs. Former Indian captain Anil Kumble and Bollywod actor Farhan Akhtar represented India and scored only 19,  the  lowest in this challenge. Australia won the challenge after they scored a whooping 69 in just 60 seconds.

Michael Clarke introduced the trophy before the World Cup 2019 anthem was played amidst huge cheers from the fans.