Australian skipper Aaron Finch fumed over the LED bails not falling off even after being hit and called it unfair. Speaking at the post-match press conference after his team defeated Australia by 36 runs at the Oval on Sunday, Virat Kohli also reiterated his Aussie counterpart’s narrative and said this kind of thing should not be happening in international cricket.

Aaron Finch, who was outright about his statement, said, “It’s a bit unfair at times, isn’t it! And I know David hit the stumps pretty hard.” Finch continued with his apprehensions, “It does seem to be happening more and more, which is unfortunate because you’d hate to see something like that happen in a World Cup final or a semifinal. You’ve done the hard work as a bowler or a fielding side to set a player up or get the mistake and it not be rewarded.”

There have already been five occasions in the ongoing World Cup where the bails have not come off, despite being hit by the ball. The reason cited has been the increased weight of the bails caused due to wires and lights that are put into them.

Asked what he feels about it, the Indian skipper said, “I think with the technology it’s great. The lights come on and you know it’s very precise when you actually make something happen with the stumps. But you literally have to smash the stumps really hard, and I’m saying that as a batsman.

Laughing, Kohli went on, “If I see something happening like that, I’d be very surprised, also. And these are fast bowlers. These are not your medium-paced bowlers. I don’t know, and MS (Dhoni) said we checked the stump hole, as well. The stump was not in very hard, it was actually loose. So I don’t know what’s actually wrong with the stump, the outer coating of the stump.”

(With inputs from PTI)