Former West Indies legendary fast bowler Curtly Ambrose believes Jasprit Bumrah has the skills to scale 400 Test wickets if he can stay at the top of his fitness and thus play for a long time. Bumrah has got off to a dream start in the Test fold as the gun fast bowler has scalped 83 wickets in 19 Test matches at an impressive average of 22.11.Also Read - ‘Yeh Hota Hai Azaad Mulk’, Imran Khan’s Video Praising India Goes Viral | WATCH

Ambrose, who himself bagged a total of 405 Test wickets in his glorious Test career, knows what it takes to get to the elite milestone. The former lanky ace paceman feels it is crucial for Bumrah to stay fit as he has an awkward action. Also Read - Independence Day 2022 Is 75th Or 76th? Explained Here With Simple Maths

Ambrose, known for his fiery bowling during his heydays, stated that Bumrah has got all that is needed to achieve success in the five-day format. Bumrah can move the ball both ways, he also can seam the ball, has good pace under his belt, can surprise the batsmen with bouncers and has a deadly yorker in his arsenal. Also Read - 5 Most Powerful Militaries In The World; Where Does India Stand

“India’s got a few good fast bowlers. I’m a big fan of Jasprit Bumrah. He’s so different from any bowler I have seen. He’s so effective and I’m looking forward to him doing really well,” Ambrose said on The Curtly & Karishma Show on YouTube.

When senior journalist Vikrant Gupta asked Ambrose whether Bumrah has it in him to bag 400 Test wickets, the West Indies legend answered in the affirmative.

“He is as long as he can remain healthy, fit and play long enough. He can seam the ball, swing the ball and bowl great yorkers. He’s got a lot in his arsenal. So as long as he can remain on the park for a long period of time, I’m sure he can get up there,” Ambrose explained.

Watch Ambrose’s interview here:

Ambrose also discussed Bumrah’s short run-up and feels that the Indian fast bowler puts a lot of strain on his body as he takes a few steps in his run-up and thus there is no rhythm or build-up. Ambrose feels it makes it even more important for Bumrah to stay fit as he has a short run-up, which takes a toll on his body.

“You know in terms of fast bowling, it’s generally about rhythm. So, you need to build a good rhythm before you can deliver. Bumrah has got a very short run-up. He walks most of the way and maybe one to two or three jogs before delivery. So, it simply means he may be putting a little more strain in his body but if he can remain strong enough, I think he’ll be ok. It’s just about him staying strong to accompany that short run-up. If he can do that, he’ll go the distance,” Ambrose added.