After a tied super over in the final of ICC World Cup 2019 saw England defeat New Zealand on the virtue of boundaries, Sachin Tendulkar, on Tuesday, said there should be another super over to decide the winner.

Speaking to 100mb, his official digital destination, Tendulkar said, “I feel there should be another super over to decide the winner, instead of considering the number of boundaries scored by both teams. Not just in a World Cup final. Every game is important. Like in football, when teams go into extra time, nothing else matters.”

The final between England and New Zealand was extended to a super over as both the team finished with the same amount of runs after 100 overs of play. The super over also witnessed a similar situation with both the teams accumulating 15. However, having scored more boundaries in their innings, the Eoin Morgan-led side went on to win the game and their maiden World Cup title.

This led to a huge furore on social media as fans and cricketers alike started calling and criticizing ICC for awarding the World Cup to England. Condemnations poured in from all angles as fans denounced the sloppy regulations on the basis of which the eventual winner of the World Cup was decided.

Sachin Tendulkar, on the other hand, also scrutinized the performance of Indian captain Virat Kohli, who failed to score a single century in the recently-concluded 10-nation tournament. He felt the anxiety of playing in a big tournament might have gotten the better of the world’s number one batsman. He said, “I think a certain level of anxiety is always going to be there. You can say that it’s just another game, a semi-final or a final but it’s easier said than done. It’s a sheer coincidence that his scores have been low.”