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IND vs WI: Rohit Sharma Sounds Warning to Other Teams, Says If Things Don’t Work We Will Always Have Plan B

While addressing a virtual press conference ahead of the ODI series vs West Indies, India captain Rohit Sharma said that he is open to a change of approach but will not try and copy other teams in terms of the brand of cricket they play.

Published: February 5, 2022 2:09 PM IST

By Sports Desk | Edited by Sajal Patra

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Rohit Sharma said that his team will continue to play the brand of cricket they have been playing without trying to copy others.

New Delhi: India captain Rohit Sharma in a virtual press conference ahead of the first ODI against West Indies said that India would continue to play the brand of cricket they have playing but at the same time, his team won’t shy away from changing their approach if the need be, adding that over the next few months, the team will try and do things slightly differently and if it doesn’t work, they would always have a plan B in place.

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“The way we have played cricket in the last few years is been remarkable, no doubt and in certain moments of the game, we need to seize where we lost. That we need to capitalise, which is why the guys that are coming in now, they haven’t played a lot of ODI cricket and so for us to give them that experience of playing the ODI cricket and facing that pressure situation is very very crucial and we have time to do all of that. So over the next few months or so, we are going to try and do things slightly differently. If it works, it works and if it doesn’t we will always have our plan B,” said Rohit in the virtual conference when asked about India’s declining white-ball performance.

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“My thoughts are very straightforward. This is the only series we have lost in the last few years that we have played and in New Zealand as well. Our ODI percentage in the last 3-4 years is been 70-plus if I am not wrong or maybe more. Like I said, if there is a change that we need to do in terms of how we approach the game, we have to do it. As simple as that,” added India’s new white-ball captain.

The 34-year-old, however, felt that comparing his performance with other teams is not fair and everybody has their own way of playing the game and the Indian team would not copy or play in a certain manner other teams play.

“We have tried and spoken to individuals about it and it is not like you have to suddenly come and try and copy what the other teams are doing. Other teams are different and the way they play is different there, their approach is there, their set-up is different and how we want to play is totally different,” added Rohit.

“I am open to have a change in approach and it is something that we have spoken to the guys about it. That’s about it. We suddenly cannot change too many things. Of course, if the situation demands we need to change, as simple as that. For us what is important is to keep things simple and straightforward and not complicate too much,’ he further said.

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Published Date: February 5, 2022 2:09 PM IST