Sunil Chhetri made his 100th international special by netting a goal off a penalty in the 67th-minute of the game against Kenya and then came the brace in extra-time. Soon after Sunil Chhetri scored, it was Jeje’s turn who scored within 3-minutes of the first goal.Also Read - Any IPL Scouts Watching? Sunil Chhetri Is Up For the Grabs | Football Meets Cricket

The score was 0-0 at half-time as both the teams were circumspect of going for goals because it has been raining and the playing conditions are not good, to be honest, risky. Indian defence stood tall in the first half, they did not allow the visitors to break and that was heartening to see. Also Read - Ahead of Crucial Friendlies, Sunil Chhetri Ruled Out Due to Injuries

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Meanwhile, Sunil Chhetri had posted a video message just ahead of the match, where he asked fans to turn up in huge numbers and it seems his prayers were answered as the tickets for the match sold out well ahead of match time.

Celebrities were present in full attendance as Bollywood stars like Abhishek Bachchan turned up for the match.

Earlier, Sunil Chhetri received his momentous jersey from Baichung Bhutia and other former legends, like IM Vijayan among others.

About the Sunil Chhetri penalty, it is debatable if there was a nudge or not. But, for the moment let it be Sunil Chhetri’s night, he deserves it. In the dying moment of the match, Sunil Chhetri scored another goal in extra time. He chipped the ball as the goalkeeper came out of his mark. Eventually, India won the game 3-0, thanks to a goal by Jeje.