India vs Australia 2nd ODI HIGHLIGHTS: Indian bowlers delivered in a heart-stopping climax to fashion a narrow eight-run victory against Australia in the second ODI after skipper Virat Kohli conjured up a resolute hundred in testing conditions on Tuesday. Pacer Vijay Shankar scalped the last two Australian batsmen in the final over in which Australia needed to score 11 runs for a series-levelling win. Handing the ball to medium pacer Shankar at the make-or-break situation was a bold decision by skipper Kohli, who had the option of employing Kedar Jadhav as well. Chasing 251, Australia were 240 for eight when Shankar got rid of dangerous Marcus Stoinins (52) in the very first ball of the 50th over and castled Adam Zampa in the third ball to trigger celebrations in the Indian camp. (SCORECARD) Also Read - IPL 2021 Points Table Latest Update After RR vs PBKS, Match 4: Punjab Kings Move to 3rd Spot After Beating Rajasthan Royals, Sanju Samson Pips KL Rahul to Take Orange Cap

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21.35 IST: At the toss, Kohli said that he expected an indifferent bounce to follow as the game went deep and that is exactly what happened. Australia were going at a good rate but suddenly the batsmen became cautious and eventually, the wickets started to fall. No one was set out there and after the opening stand of 83, they had three partnerships in excess of 30 – but none crossing 50.

21.32 IST: End of a topsy-turvy battle and India have come out on top again. They choked Australia or let us put it this way, the Aussies choked themselves and eventually got themselves into a rut. With 33 needed from 33 balls with 5 wickets in hand, you back the chasing side to win but perhaps it did not back itself. 251 was what the target was, for Australia. Definitely, a tough one to chase at the toss. But given the way India were batting in the middle stages, the visitors would feel that they were chasing 20-30 runs less. And then, Finch and Khawaja staged an 83-run opening stand which probably kept the dressing room composed. But, there was drama to follow.

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21.25 IST: OUT! BOWLED! Perfect yorker and the stumps are rattled! India go 2-0 up with an 8-run win. A perfect delivery, right at the base of the stumps, Zampa backs away and attempts to hit it through the off side but misses. The ball goes beneath the bat and hits the timber! India (250) beat Australia (242-all out) by 8 runs to take the 2-0 lead in 5-match series.  Stoinis 52, Kuldeep 3/54, Shankar 2/15 Bumrah 2/29

21.23 IST: Umpire’s call it is! Vijay has struck gold. That is probably the final nail in the coffin. Stoinis is given his marching orders and he takes Australia’s hopes of chasing this down along with him. He bowls it on a length and it skids through. Stoinis looks to heave it on the leg side but misses. It hits him on the thigh pad. An appeal follows and the umpire raises his finger.

21.21 IST: Who will bowl the final over? Vijay Shankar. 1-0-13-0 so far. And Stoinis is dismissed first ball! Not shockingly, he takes the review. Looks dead plumb.

21.19 IST: FOUR! Lyon hits the boundary on the final ball of Shami’s over. A poor delivery this from Shami. A full toss on the pads. NL looks to flick but it goes off the inner half, fine down the leg side and into the fence. Ideal end to what was a good over till then. 9 from it and 11 more needed in the last over. Australia 240/8 in 49 overs, need 11 runs to win vs India (250)

21.15 IST: In the air… safe! Fifty for Marcus Stoinis. He started off slowly but then got into his own. He holds the key here for Australia. Stoinis walks right across and then looks to flick it over square leg who is inside the ring. It goes off the top edge and over that fielder who trackbacks and puts in a dive but fails to reach it. Two taken. Australia 233/8 in 48.2 overs, need 18 runs to win vs India (250)

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21.07 IST: FOUR! Vital boundary! Shami offers just a little width outside off, Stoinis waits for it and cuts it late. It is past the fielder at point and into the fence. 22 needed in 20. AUS 230/8 in 47 overs vs IND (250)

20.59 IST: OUT! Another one for Boom-Boom Bumrah, Pat Cummins departs for nought! Caught behind! The ball has carried and Cummins is on his bike! This should be the end of the game. Perfect gamble from Kohli or perhaps he knew his cards well upfront. This Bumrah over has more or less sealed the deal for India. Australia 223/8 in 45.5 overs, need 28 runs to win vs India (250)

20.57 IST: OUT! Bumrah hits the bullseye, Coulter-Nile falls for 4. Indecision costs Coulter-Nile his wicket. He is probably expecting the yorker, hence is not sure whether to come forward or stay back. The ball is bowled on a length and NCN now looks to steer it to third man. But is late. It is a 142.6 kph ball and it skids off the deck. Double trouble. Kaboom! The LED bails illuminate. AUS 223/7 in 45.3 overs vs IND (250)

20.53 IST: OUT! Kuldeep Yadav removes Alex Carey for 22. Bowled ’em! India are still in this! But this partnership has probably taken Australia to the brink of victory. India though still won’t let it loose as they are in the bowlers. Carey is done in, in flight here. It is given more air. Carey goes for the sweep but the ball goes under the bat and then hits the off pole behind. Kuldeep looks to the heavens in disgust as he gets his 3rd. Australia 218/6 in 44.3 overs, need 33 runs to win vs India (250)

20.51 IST: FOUR! 15 from the last over and boundary to begin this one. The quicker one, maybe he was expecting the batsman to step out. Stoinis does not and he easily cuts it through point. Uppishly but in the gap for a boundary. The run rate required is now below six.

20.43 IST: SIX! Not the momentum shifting over but this over has probably turned the tide in the favor of the Aussies. Stoinis uses his feet, gets to the pitch of it and lofts it over the long on stands. 15 from the over so far with a ball to go. AUS 207/5 in 43 overs vs IND (250)

20.39 IST: FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries by Alex Carey, he is taking Kuldeep to the cleaners here. Second boundary of the over! Is this the momentum shifting over? 8 from the first three. The slog sweep is out and he has nailed it. In the gap in the mid-wicket region and another boundary. Australia 200/5 in 42.3 overs, need 51 runs vs India (250)

20.30 IST: POWERPLAY 3 time. 5 fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle. The equation seems like it is going down to the wire but one wicket and this will be all over. Kuldeep Yadav is back on for the finishing duties. 7-0-27-2 so far.

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20.23 IST: FOUR! POUNDED! Into the gap. Short and outside off, Stoinis gives himself plenty of room to the leg side and cuts it through the covers for a boundary! Moves to 21 from 33 balls.

20.18 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja hits the bulls-eye at the bowler’s end to remove Peter Handscomb (48). The man who was playing so well, the batsman who Australia would have wanted to be there till the end is dismissed by a run out. The last thing that the visitors would have wanted. But let us give credit to the fielder there. That was exceptional stuff by Jadeja. He has a rocket arm and is lightning quick in the field and both those qualities were on display there. Peter guides this towards point and hesitates before taking off for a run. That hesitation has probably cost him as Jadeja in that position is quick to the ball, he picks it up quickly and hits bull’s eye at the non-striker’s end. The Indians appeal but the umpire takes it upstairs. Replays roll in and they show that PH has to walk back. So just as the runs started to come between the two, a wicket has fallen. India back on top now. Australia 171/5 in 37.3 overs, need 80 runs in 75 balls vs India (250)

20.15 IST: FOUR! Spoils what was a very good over till then! Jadhav slips in his bowling stride and hence, ends up bowling it too short. Stoinis makes room and then hits it hard through covers for a boundary. Another over of which 7 has been scored. 84 needed in 78. Australia 167/4 in 37 overs vs India (250)

20.07 IST: FOUR! Much, much-needed this! Handscomb finally connects with a sweep shot with a big stride forward. Hits it through square leg and the ball races away. Australia 159/4 in 35.4 overs, need 92 runs to win vs India (250)

19.59 IST: FOUR! PLUNDERED! A bit of a pressure-reliever. Full and around off, Handscomb gets down and sweeps it powerfully through square leg! 150 up for Australia. AUS 151/4 in 33.2 overs, need 100 runs to win vs IND (250)

19.56 IST: DROPPED! But exceptional anticipation by Dhoni. Had that been taken, it would have been brilliant. A Dhoni special had that been pulled off. Handscomb looks to play another paddle sweep. This time though, even before the shot is played, Dhoni is moving to his left. PH connects but Dhoni has made good enough ground, he then gets two hands to it but the ball does not stick in. Australia 145/4 in 33 overs, need 106 runs to win vs India (250)

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19.47 IST:

19.37 IST: OUT! Kuldeep removes Glenn Maxwell for 4. Kuldeep has got the better of Big Show. The good passage of play has brought about the wicket India wanted. However, there is not a lot Maxwell could have done about that delivery. This was short and on middle, Maxwell goes back and looks to pull. The ball though does not bounce at all and it goes under the bat and hits the middle pole. India on top now. 119 more needed with 6 wickets in hand. 129 balls more left Australia 132/4 in 28.3 overs, need 119 runs vs India (250)

19.29 IST: NOT OUT! Maxwell has his foot in but another top delivery. The googly and Maxwell does not pick it. He looks to hit it through the off side but the ball turns away and beats the outside edge. The bowler appeals for a caught behind while Dhoni collects the ball and whips the bails off. He then appeals for a stumping. The former appeal has been turned down but umpire goes upstairs for the latter appeal. Replays roll in and they show, Maxwell has his foot down on the ground.

19.27 IST: Another appeal for a stumping and once again the Indians are not very confident. Maxwell is the man in question. AUS 131/3 in 27 overs, need 120 runs to win vs IND (250)

19.20 IST:

19.15 IST: OUT! Ravindra Jadeja removes Shaun Marsh for 16. Marsh has been caught down the leg side. Soft dismissal. A lucky breakthrough for India, they though will take it with both hands as they needed to end this budding stand. Jadeja continues bowling a straighter line to the left-hander. This though is down the leg side. Marsh looks to flick, the ball goes off the face of the bat but not as fine as he wanted to. It goes straight into the gloves of Dhoni who takes it and appeals. The umpire quickly raises his finger. All the three spinners now have a wicket each. Game once again is evenly poised at the moment. Australia 122/3 in 23.5 overs, need 129 runs vs India (250)

19.12 IST: Australia are ticking away nicely here, both Marsh and Handscomb are doing it in style with ones and twos, that’s all the visiting team needs to chase this target.  Australia 121/2 in 23 overs, need 130 runs vs India (250)

19.04 IST: FOUR! Not the best of timings but hit it in the right place! Very full and around middle, Handscomb gets his bat down in time and strokes it straight back past the bowler. Australia 113/2 in 21 overs, need 138 runs vs India (250)

18.56 IST: 100 up for the visitors! Marsh gets it through the fielders in the ring this time, there is a sweeper cover though and only a run. Australia 101/2 in 19 overs, need 150 runs to win vs India (250)

18.41 IST: OUT! Two quick wickets and India are back in the game. Kedar Jadhav removes Usman Khawaja for 38. The golden-arm, Jadhav strikes. Poor shot to be honest. This is bowled full and wide outside off. Khawaja walks across and looks to whip it across the line and against the turn. The ball takes the leading edge and goes straight into the hands of Kohli at extra cover. He takes it. The crowd here erupts and India are ecstatic. Both the set batsmen back in the hit. Two new batsmen now, Australia needed one of the set batsmen to play long as it is not going to be easy for the new batsman here. India will now look to build on this. Australia 83/1 in 15.3 overs, need 168 runs vs India (250)

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18.36 IST: OUT! Kuldeep Yadav provides India first breakthrough, Aaron Finch departs for 37. The change of ends has done the trick for Kuldeep. He has provided exactly what India needed, the breakthrough. That was plumb in front. It was too full to sweep and Finch still goes for it. He misses, the ball turns back in and hits the front pad. An appeal follows and the umpire raises the finger. Finch walks upto his partner and has a chat but then opts not to review. He is dismissed after getting a start. Hawk-Eye shows the ball to be clipping the top of off stump, so umpire’s call will stay. His partnership with Khawaja has got Australia off to a good start. Australia 83/1 in 14.3 overs vs India (250)

18.27 IST: SIX! Massive from Finch, he clobbers it over mid-on for a big one. Where did that come from? ‘He is watching the ball closely,’ says Mitchell Johnson on air. Floated, around off, Finch gets down and slog sweeps it way over mid-wicket! Australia 76/0 in 11.1 overs, need 175 runs to win vs India (250)

18.23 IST:

18.20 IST: FOUR! 50-run stand is up between the openers! Just the start they would have wanted. Also, they needed to score runs of the new ball on this slow wicket and they have done so. They are going at around 5 runs per over at the moment. Shankar starts off with a poor ball. Down the leg side, Khawaja flicks it to the fine leg fence.

18.15 IST: FOUR! Easy pickings! Down the leg side, Finch helps it on its way to the fine leg boundary. Second boundary in the over. AUS 47/0 in 9 overs, need 204 runs to win vs IND (250)

18.07 IST: FOUR! Lovely shot that is! The key here was he picks the length early, goes back and with one leg up, pulls it over the square leg fielder for a boundary. Australia 31/0 in 5.2 overs, need 220 runs to win vs India (250)

17.59 IST: EDGY FOUR! On the off pole and once again it is on a length. Finch looks to stroke it on the up but it flies off the outside edge and past the first slip fielder for a boundary. The last ball spoils what was an excellent over till then. AUS 25/0 in 4 overs, need 226 runs to win vs IND (250)

17.49 IST: FOUR! This is a really good shot! First boundary for him and it is a brilliant shot. Not a lot wrong with that ball. It is on a length just outside off. Finch strokes it on the up and through covers. Boundary. Australia 18/0 in 2.2 overs, need 223 runs to win vs India (250)

17.44 IST: FOUR! A boundary to end the first over! Australia have started the chase well here. Straying in line once again, on the pads, Khawaja flicks it fine on the leg side and bags the first boundary of this innings. Australia 8/0 in 1 over vs India (250-all out)

17.40 IST: We are back for the chase! The India players make their way out to the middle. They are followed by the Australian openers, Aaron Finch and Usman Khawaja. The right-hander will be on strike and he will face Mohammed Shami who has the first new ball in hand. Here we go…

17.04 IST: Zampa then got rid of Dhoni and Jadhav in one over itself. The Australia bowlers also managed to pull things back but India still had Kohli at one end. Jadeja then played the perfect foil to him and the two added yet another handy stand. However, when the time came to accelerate, the latter perished. Kohli too followed him and then the tail failed to contribute a lot. From 238 for 6 in the 46th over, the hosts have been bundled out for 250. For Australia, Pat Cummins was the pick of the bowlers. He was given the responsibility of bowling with the new ball. Did well then and was also excellent at the death. Lyon was economical. Zampa was poor in initially but pulled things back well in the end. Nathan Coulter-Nile though had a day to forget as he was wayward and expensive.

17.01 IST: 

16.59 IST: A decent bowling effort from the Australian side. They will be happy with where they are at the moment but India too won’t be very disappointed. However, they would feel they could have done better after Vijay Shankar and Virat Kohli’s 81-run stand. The joined association after the Australians got rid of Rayudu, Dhawan and Rohit pretty quickly. The Indians were in a spot of bother at 75 for three but then Shankar and Kohli played themselves in. The former, once he got his eye in, started to accelerate. He looked really good out there and when he was batting, India looked well on course for 280. However, he fell in a very unfortunate manner and that changed the course of the game.

16.57 IST:

16.53 IST: OUT! Bowled. Full-length delivery around off, Bumrah looks to hit it on the off side but gets a thick inside edge and the ball hits the middle pole. Bumrah goes for duck. INDIA ALL OUT FOR 250. India 250-all out in 48.2 overs against Australia in Nagpur. Kohli 116, Cummins 4/29, Zampa 2/62

16.51 IST: OUT! Cummins gets his fourth of the match as Kuldeep departs for 3. TIMBER! The slower one has done in Kuldeep completely. It is on the leg stump, Yadav shuffles way too across and tries to flick but is quite early into the stroke. He misses and the ball hits the stumps behind. IND 249/9 in 49 overs vs AUS

16.46 IST: OUT! Pat Cummins removes Virat Kohli for 116. Straight to the fielder! The best bowler for Australia today, gets the best batsman for India. Kohli can’t believe it as he stands there, looks down and then turns and starts walking back. He walks back dejected but to a standing ovation by the crowd here and he deserves it. A brilliant innings from him. He falls prey to the short ball which he pulls nicely but does not get the desired distance. Stoinis at deep square leg takes a good sliding catch. Cummins gets his third and that too at the right time. Australia will now hope to keep India are 265. India 248/8 in 47.1 overs vs Australia

16.42 IST: FOUR! Excellent shot. Tossed up delivery on middle and off, Kohli keeps his eyes on the ball and hits it through mid-wicket for a boundary. IND 243/7 in 47.1 overs vs AUS

16.40 IST: OUT! Pat Cummins removes Ravindra Jadeja for 21. Jadeja perishes in the attempt to up the ante! However, he has played a good supporting role here. So the dropped catch has not cost a lot. Cummins bowls the slower one and on off. The idea of the shot was not wrong as Jadeja looked to go over mid off. He got it off the bottom though. It lobs towards mid-off and Khawaja there takes it after taking a few steps back.  A handy 67-run stand for India comes to an end. India 239/7 in 46 overs vs Australia

16.32 IST:

16.28 IST: HUNDRED! Virat Kohli slams 40th century against Australia. Gets to his ton in style! Magnificent ton this is from the Indian skipper. An innings of a lot of character and determination. A ton on wicket which has played a lot of tricks. Leading from the front is the skipper. He gets there with a cut shot. It races to the point fence. Takes his helmet off and soaks in the applause. He knows he needs to be there till the end. Also, now that he has got to his milestone, you might just see him up the ante. India 225/6 in 43.1 overs vs Australia

16.23 IST: Kohli is now just a boundary away now! Full and around off, Kohli leans into it and strokes it through covers. Handscomb runs to his right, dives just before the ball crosses the ropes and pulls it back in. Saves a run for his side. India 216/6 in 42 overs vs Australia

16.15 IST:  Flatter and shorter on off, Jadeja slaps it down to long off for a run. 2000 ODI runs for Jadeja. India 206/6 in 40.3 overs vs Australia

16.11 IST: Jadeja now hits this one down to long on and gets to the other end. 200 up for the hosts. 11 more overs to go after this one. However, only 4 wickets left is the problem. India 201/6 in 39 overs vs Australia

16.07 IST: FOUR! Very un-Kohli like shot from the Indian captain, he throws his bat at outside off delivery from Cummins. This is one of those rare occasions. Short and outside off, the Indian skipper latches onto the width and gets it behind point for a boundary! India 195/6 in 37.4 overs vs Australia

15.53 IST: SAFE! Just by an inch! Beautiful bowling from Lyon in the first place. Tossed up outside off, Jadeja came forward to defend but then the ball spun away and bounced. Jaddu missed while lunging and in that process, his back foot was lifted in the air. Alex Carey did collect but to the naked eye it seemed like he took just that extra second to take the bails off. Replays show that the back foot landed on the line, then skid back in by just a fraction. Yes. JUST a fraction, before Carey could try and make a stumping. IND 175/6 in 33.5 overs vs AUS

15.52 IST: STUMPING APPEAL! Not much celebrations from the Aussies. Did Jadeja get his back foot back in time? Referred upstairs…

15.47 IST:

15.45 IST: OUT! Zampa gets the big wicket of MS Dhoni, Thala departs for 0. Two-in-two for Zampa and the two batsmen who steered India home in the last game, are dismissed. Excellent captaincy as Finch brought in the slip fielder for the new batsman but you can also question the shot here. Zampa bowls it flatter and outside off, it pitches and turns away a little. Dhoni looks to guide it towards third man but there is not a lot of width on offer. The ball takes the outside edge and flies towards Khawaja at first slip. He too takes a sharp catch to his right. Australia now into the bowling all-rounders. Zampa is on a hat-trick.

15.42 IST: OUT! Adam Zampa removes Kedar Jadhav for 11. Zampa strikes! Australia have two in quick succession and India now have half their side back in the hut. The hero of the last game, fails to make an impact here. Adam floats it up outside off, once again it is very full. That though plays in the advantage of the bowler as the batsman looks to go over covers. He fails to get underneath the ball and hence, does not get the desired elevation. Ends up hitting it flat and hard towards cover where Finch takes a sharp catch. Australia crawling their way back into the game and a much-needed wicket for Zampa as this should give him confidence now. India 171/5 in 32.2 overs vs Australia

15.40 IST: FOUR! Inside edge and a boundary! This is outside off, Jadhav looks to sweep but it takes the inside edge, goes between the legs of the keeper and into the third man fence. India 171/4 in 32 overs vs Australia

15.35 IST:

15.30 IST: OUT! Yes, the ball has flicked the fingertips and Shankar is short of his crease. He walks back in disappointment and disgust. He was playing so well out there, so fluent and his innings ends in a very unfortunate manner. Australia though will be relieved as this partnership was taking the game away from them. Zampa tosses this up, once again it is very full. Kohli smashes it towards the bowler who sticks his hand out to the right. The ball then goes onto hit the stumps. Shankar in the meantime looks to get back in with a dive. The Australians appeal and it is a very confident one. The umpire takes it upstairs and after the replays, OUT flashes on the giant screen. The 81-run stand has been ended but it has provided the much-needed impetus to the Indian innings. However, Australia will now look to pull things back a little. India 156/4 in 29 overs vs Australia

15.28 IST: Is that the end of Shankar’s innings? It would be a very unfortunate way if it is. The umpire has gone upstairs to check. First, whether the bowler has touched the ball, second, if Shankar has made it in.

15.27 IST: FOUR! Too full and it has been put away! Gives it a little more air but lands it very full. Kohli leans into it and strokes it through covers. It is away from the sweeper and a boundary. IND 156/3 in 28.4 overs vs AUS

15.25 IST: FOUR! Straight as an arrow! He is playing a gem here. This is tossed up on middle, Shankar lunges forward and then hits it over the bowler’s head for a boundary.

15:09 IST: FOUR! Shankar hits his second boundary, a much-needed boundary for Team India.

15:00 IST: After 21 overs, India are 103-3.

14:50 IST: Zampa bowls a half-tracker and Kohli makes full use of it, pulling it behind square on the leg side for four. Kohli gets another boundary on the last ball to make it a good over for India.

14: 43 IST: Vijay Shankar makes his way to the crease.

14:42 IST: Rayadu is gone! Lyon appealed and the umpire obliged his wicket. The batsman chose to review it but losses the decision.

14:33 IST: Four! Rayadu hits his first boundary of the match. A good over for India – seven runs come off it. 51-2

14:28 IST: 50 comes up for India as Rayudu pushes one through the covers for a couple. A single off the last ball makes it five off the over.

14:23 IST: Cummins continues to contain Rayudu well-enough. After bowling a maiden over, Cummins has only given away a single to the right-handed batsman, who is batting on four off 16 balls.

14:20 IST: After 11 overs, the Indian cricket team are at 43-2.

14:08 IST: WICKET! After the original decision which was given as ‘not out’, Finch opted to review it and the Aussies have the decision overturned in their favour.

13:58 IST: After six overs, Indian cricket team are 29-1 as Shikhar Dhawan and Virat Kohli display calmness following an early wicket.

13:52 IST: FOUR! Shikhar Dhawan again as he strikes for his third boundary of the day.

13:48 IST: FOUR! Another one by Kohli, this time he hits the ball towards the deep mid-wicket. india beginning to find their momentum now. India 16-1 in 4 overs vs Australia

13:46 IST: FOUR! It’s Virat Kohli who comes with a much-needed boundary for the Men in Blue. He times the straight drive into perfection for four runs.

13:35 IST: India’s skipper Virat Kohli has made his way to the crease.

13:34: WICKET! The Aussies get their opening wicket, just the start they needed but a massive blow for Team India. Rohit Sharma departs after he played it straight into the hands of Adam Zampa at deep third man.

13:30 IST: The match has commenced! Australia won the toss and chose to bowl first. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan to open proceedings for India, Pat Cummins to bowl first.

2nd ODI. India XI: R Sharma, S Dhawan, V Kohli, A Rayudu, MS Dhoni, K Jadhav, V Shankar, R Jadeja, K Yadav, M Shami, J Bumrah #IndvAus @Paytm

— BCCI (@BCCI) March 5, 2019

12.45 IST: PITCH REPORT – Murali Kartik and Sunil Gavaskar are doing the pitch report. The former asks the latter what he reckons about the pitch. Sunil Gavaskar says it is a pitch made for the spinners. Mentions there are quite a lot of cracks on it and the team batting second will have a harder time as the pitch will probably get more difficult. Informs the boundaries here are long and batters are not going to have a good time. Reckons the captain winning the toss should probably bat first.

12.30 IST: Hello and welcome to our live cricket blog for the second ODI between India and Australia from the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur!

Brief Preview: After ticking all the boxes in the series opener against Australia, India will look to produce another complete performance against the men in yellow in the second match at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur on Tuesday. Team India will also look to continue their auditions for the World Cup hopefuls in the five-ODI rubber versus Aussies. The win in Hyderabad in the first ODI was a welcome victory for India after losing the T20 series 0-2.

With only four ODIs remaining before the World Cup, the hosts will look to finalise the “two available spots” in an otherwise settled squad for the all-important tournament in England and Wales, starting on May 30. Opener Shikhar Dhawan failed in Hyderabad but he is likely to get another game as chances of KL Rahul coming in for him appear bleak. However, if given a chance Rahul will be more than willing to make optimum use of. Vice-captain Rohit Sharma can take any attack to cleaners on his day and the Aussies would be wary of him and skipper Virat Kohli, who scored 44 on Saturday night.