Cricket fans have been busy doing their maths and talking up chances of the Indian team. But just to put things into perspective and simplify the scenario, all that the Indian team needs to do is to win their next four games. This would ensure that the cup is theirs. (India vs Bangladesh, ICC T20 World Cup 2016, Live Cricket Score)

While this is a very plausible possibility, it won’t be easy. While Bangladesh are not the strongest team on paper, the next match against Australia will test the Indian team like no tomorrow. Expect no less in the semifinal or final either.

But then that is the beauty of World Cups. And it is a significant tournament considering that the next one will be played not before 2019 (50-over format) with the next T20 World Cup scheduled a year later (2020). Eventually, this may be the last chance for some players to taste more World Cup glory.