Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly went on to reveal unheard secrets of Ashish Nehra and Virender Sehwag in the latest episode of ‘Breakfast With Champions’. Ganguly praised Ashish Nehra for his never-say-die-attitude and also revealed how Nehra got pushy and annoyed when not selected. Apart from that, the ‘Prince of Calcutta’, as he is fondly referred to split beans on how he convinced selectors to pick Virender Sehwag.

Ganguly recalls an incident when Ashish Nehra was not picked in the side and was annoyed and hence dropped into the captain’s room in the night and asked, “Bolo main kyun nahin khela, mere paas wickets hai, speed 150 hai”. That is when Ganguly asked him to sip the tea first and promised he will explain the reason. Then Ganguly assures Nehra that he will play the next game so that he leaves and does not continue. He also goes on to say that he personally appreciated such characters in the dressing room.

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Ganguly says that is how he selected teams. He says we were only looking for match-winners who could win you games and that is where Virender Sehwag comes in. The former Indian skipper explains how selectors questioned Ganguly’s choice of taking Sehwag to South Africa. The selectors were apparently worried as to how Sehwag would counter the bounce, as he did not have that in his arsenal then. That is when Ganguly insisted that he should come and said that how can you judge if he has not played in such conditions.

Here is the interview.

During the course of the interview, he later admitted he feels a little embarrassed about the incident now. “But I am also embarrassed about the incident. My daughter once asked, ‘Why did you do that? Is it necessary to do that in cricket?’ And I had to tell her that ‘No, I did it once by mistake’. Somethings things happen in life in which you do not have any control,” he said.