India vs Pakistan: Social media has been abuzz with the much-awaited India versus Pakistan fixture inching close. With a day to go for the mega clash, we have compiled the top 15 memes and gifs that are going viral. They memes are extremely creative and funny. One has to credit the fans. Fans from both sides came up with creative memes in a bid to subtly roast the neighbor. With rain playing a massive part in the tournament, some memes were also on rain and suggestions of how to cope with it. This is not the first and will not be the last, fans from both the countries are extremely passionate about the game and treat the cricketers as heroes. The pressure would be on unpredictable Pakistan as they have never defeated India in a World Cup game. That is a piece of history that the Men in Green would like to rewrite.

Here are the top 15 memes that are going viral on social space:

“I can’t tell the fans to think of the game in a particular manner. For us, we can’t get too emotional. Our mindset is different from fans’. I wouldn’t say it’s easy for fans to think like a player. It’s crucial for us to be absolutely professional,” said Kohli at the presser ahead of the match.