India vs Pakistan: India has launched its counter to the Abinandan insult video and it is breaking the internet. Not only do fans find the content good, but they also found it humorous unlike the Pakistan counter to the iconic ‘Mauka Mauka’ ad. The shoot takes place at a barber shop where an Indian and a Pakistani are seated. The actor sporting the Pakistani jersey does not get the desired cut from the barber, instead, he finds his beard like Wing Commander Abhinandan. The barber was obviously an Indian. All in all the ad was loved by fans and they feel India has maintained some decency at least.

Here is the video:

Here is how the ad won hearts:

The tickets for India-Pakistan match in ICC World Cup 2019 were sold out within hours the sale was started and now the fans who had brought the tickets are reselling them for larger sums ranging from approximately Rs20,000 to Rs60,000.

A website called Viagogo is buying tickets from the fans and reselling them at prices greater than the actual amounts of the tickets. Interestingly, such is the craze of an India-Pakistan game that the fans are also buying the tickets with extra price.