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Full time: There was some exhilarating tennis by the Indians. Towards the end of the match, they were virtually toying with the Pakistani defence. even as Pakistani played some good hockey, they were outclassed by their Indian counterparts today. Towards the end, India was running havoc on Pakistan’s defence with a couple of late goals to add to their already dominant game. This became a clear one-sided contest. With the win, India now have six points from three games, while Pakistan remain at the bottom of the points table with just one point from three matches. India beat Pakistan 6-0 to complete a comprehensive thrashing.

60th minute: Pakistani players have dropped their shoulders. they seem demoralised. Except for some decent effort in defence, the performance has been half-hearted otherwise. Meanwhile, Indian fowards are making good use of the opportunity and are looking to add on to their flurry of goals. 

55th minute: India convert their first penalty corner successfully to take a 4-0 lead in the match. This is an epic mauling and unlike a regular India-Pakistan hockey encounter which runs close on skill and performance. Pakistanis have been outshined and outclassed by their Indian counterparts today.

50th minute: There is lot of artistry of display as India and Pakistani players wield their hockey with a lot of delicate brilliance. The pace of teh game is smooth and the passes are clean. India is looking to keep the possession more than moving ahead with the ball. Pakistani players on the other hand are looking desperate to bring down the lead. India meanwhile add to their lead and score their third goal.

40th minute: The second half has started and Indians aren’t panicking as much. They are displaying a more clinical performance as compared to Pakistan that seems to be haphazard with their plan. India continue to create chances No one scores till now in the second half

35th minute: The game has become a bit slower as both sides are relying of long passes. Pakistan are trying to create chances, but Indians are intercepting the passes quite frequently to allow them to get a flow of the game. There were a couple of attempts made from a long distance , but went wide. The defenders are showing signs of tiredness and allowing a bit of complacency to seep in. But the Indian forwards are up to the task and against the run of play they score their second goal.

20th minute: India converted their numerous penalty corners in to a goal finally as the Pakistani goalkeeper was beaten by the sheer power behind the shot of Imran Khan, who hit the rebound shot off the goalkeeper who was hit hard near his groin region. The goalkeeper seems to be seriously injured and is replaced by a substitute.

15th minute: India earn two penalty corners in the space of two minutes. Pakistani goalkeeper is up to the task. But more importantly, Indian players have buckled up to the achallenge after a lousy start, which included the conceding of the first penalty corner of the match.

10th minute: India counter back well as they make run in to the Pakistan D and take a few attempts off target on Pakistani goal. It has been a topsy-turvy encounter so far with a typical India-Pakistan flavour in it. The game has pace, attack and a lot of flair to be termed entertaining.

5th Minute: India conceded an early penalty corner. That was bad defending by the Indians causing self-inflicted pain. Three defenders are stationed on the left of teh goalkeeper. Even as the Indians don’t concede a goal, they have given away three consecutive penalty corners to Pakistan. Eventually the third attempt by Pakistan on the goal is wide and India save themselves some time before they can trail in the match.

Hello and welcome to the Live Hockey updates as India is set to take on Pakistan in the Match 8 of Sultan of Johor Cup Hockey match. India and Pakistan have both suffered a defeat each against Great Britain coming in to the match. However, India’s win against New Zealand holds them in a better position as compared to Pakistan’s 1-1 draw against Australia.

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India have four points from two games and are placed third in the Points table, while Pakistan are right at the bottom. Both teams are yet to face Malaysia. While India will also take on Australia, Pakistan will be facing New Zealand following the clash against their subcontinent rivals.

The tournament provides an excellent ground for youngsters to make a mark and possibly represent their nation at the international level in the biggest of hockey’s tournaments. Two of hockey’s finest exponents will take the field as they look to assert their dominance once again in the sport they ruled for most of its history. Memories of senior team’s clash in the recently-concluded Asian Games 2014 at Incheon is still fresh where India beat Pakistan in penalty shoot-outs to win the historic gold medal and also earn a direct qualification to the 2016 Olympic Games.