Indian boxers dished out an impressive performance bagging 21 medals at the Asian Junior Championships. The tally included six gold, nine silver and six bronze medals as India finished with the highest medal count among the participating 26 countries.

A total number of 239 men and women boxers born between 2003 and 2004 took part in the event. The men’s boxing team won two gold and three silver and bronze medals, whereas the women claimed four gold, six silver and three bronze, capping off an incredible performance India however, finished second, behind Uzbekistan, who emerged toppers on the basis of a superior gold medal count (eight).

Vishvanath Suresh and Bishwamitra Chongtham were declared winners in the 46kg and 48kg category respectively. Among women, reigning national champion Kalpana triumphed in the 46kg category, Preeti Dahiya won in the 60kh bracket, and Tanshbir Kaur Sandhu and Alfiya Tarannum took top honours on the 80 and 80-plus kg respectively.

Dahiya, one of the most talented upcoming Indian boxers, led the charge as she captured the gold after a gritty 3-2 win over Uzbekistan’s Akhmedova Mokhira. Kalpana had to work equally hard to stave off the challenge of Thailand’s Yodwaree Thipsatcha for a 3-2 win on her way to the gold.

Tanishbir Kaur Sandhu, who lost the 80kg final at the Nation’s Cup, made amends for it and emerged as the champion with a dominant 5-0 victory over Chinese Taipei’s Lin Chien Yu. Also winning the gold was Pathan in 80+ kg, thanks to a strong 5-0 win over Kazakhstan’s Diana Magauyayeva.

The silver medals were claimed by Yogesh Kagra (63kg), Jaydeep Rawat (66kg) and Rahul (70kg). Among women, Tamanna (48kg), Tannu (52kg), Neha (54kg), Khushi (63kg), Sharvari Kalyankar (70kg) and Khushi (75kg) came up with a silver-medal finish.

Tamanna, who too had won a gold at the Nation’s Cup, couldn’t replicate those heroics in 48kg. She had to be content with just a silver this time after a 0-5 loss to Uzbekistan’s Sabina Bobokulova.

The bronze-medallists’ list for women comprised Rinku (50kg), Ambeshori Devi (57kg) and Mahi Lama (66kg). Vijay Singh (50kg), Victor Singh Shaikhom (52kg) and Vanshaj (60kg) claimed bronze in the men’s competition.


Asian Boxing Championship – Junior Girls

GOLD: Kalpana (46kg), Preeti Dahiya (60kg), Tanishabir Kaur Sandhu (80kg) Alfiya Pathan (+81kg)

SILVER: Tamanna (46kg), Tannu (52kg), Neha (54kg), Khushi (63kg), Sharvari Kalyankar (70kg), Khushi (75kg)

BRONZE: Rinku (50kg), Ambeshori Devi (57kg), Mahi Lama (66kg)

Asian Boxing Championship – Junior Boys

GOLD: Suresh Visvanath (46kg), Bishwamitra Chongtham (48kg)

SILVER: Yogesh Kagra (63kg), Jaydeep Rawat (66kg), Rahul (70kg)

BRONZE: Vijay Singh (50kg), Victor Singh Shaikhom (52kg), Vanshaj (60kg)