Social media has found a new trend to drool over and this time people across the world are getting older by it. FaceApp is the newest sensation on the internet right now which makes people look aged. The Indians have also joined the party and gave a new twist to it. Indian cricket team fans have taken pictures of cricketers and put it in the FaceApp, only to find how hilarious the results are.

All the current cricketers have gotten a new makeover into their looks. With white hairs and beards gracing the look of Indian cricketers, the results are sure to cause some pain in the stomach. Fans have used photographs of the players which were taken prior to the ICC World Cup 2019 as apart of its official photoshoot.

Take a look at how Virat Kohli & Co. are expected to look like, maybe, 30-40 years down the line.

Someone took inspiration and did the same with the Pakistani cricketers and the results are equally chucklesome.

As these pictures went viral on Twitter, fans lost their calm and joined the party with more such sarcastic creations. One after another picture of cricketers kept on coming. Here are some other cricketers who got a glimpse of how would they look in all whites.

The recently-concluded ICC World Cup 2019, which was won by England at the Lord’s on Sunday, drew a lot of controversy and criticism on social media. The Eoin Morgan-led side was awarded the World Cup over New Zealand one the virtue of more boundaries, after the match and super over both ended in a tie. This did not go down well with the cricket world as it started condemning ICC for playing the game with such sloppy rules. However, the heatwave seems to have passed and taken over by fun now, with FaceApp becoming the latest trend.