David Warner is a cracking batsman who we suspect will soon develop into a cricketer who is one for the ages. He sparkled on Thursday night, smacking the Gujarat Lions bowlers into oblivion, in the process carving 74 unbeaten runs off 48 balls.

There is a lot of talk about Root and Smith and Kohli and Williamson and De Villiers. But what about our good old Warner?


Is he the best cricketer in the world? Well, that is debatable but the fact that it has not been debated till date is a pity. Warner is special. He averages over 50 in Test match cricket. He strikes at over 76 runs per 100 balls in the longest format of the game. And he is not too bad in shorter formats either!


It is time that the 29-year-old gets his due. He has an eye like a dead fish and strikes the ball with both impeccable timing and unmissable power. May be he is as good as any player in the world. He may not be the most likeable character but do not doubt his cricketing pedigree, dare not.