While he is all class in Test and ODI cricket, Steven Smith has failed to master T20 cricket. The 26-year-old averages over 60 in Test cricket and over 40 in ODI cricket. But his average languishes at a mere 21 odd in T20I cricket. It is relatively better (at 27 odd) in all T20 matches, but more is required from a cricketer of his class.


There is little doubt that despite his flair and panache, Smith enjoys the longer formats of the game more. He is a versatile batsman, capable of adapting and hence needs to learn the finer T20 tricks quickly. It will be a pity if Smith does not conquer the shortest format of the game.


This because he is generally all class with the way he strokes the ball. Yes he is unorthodox but what is wrong with that when you consider that there is an inherent gift that he possesses with his stroke making ability, making him very watchable at times. We wish he could be the best possible player in T20 cricket too.