It is more the same as far as Kings XI Punjab are concerned. A team that has been in the competition since the inaugural year but not able to work out the jigsaw yet again. What is new, the fans may ask.

Yet again, the season is going all wrong and they should have only themselves to blame. Right from captaincy to performance of players, things are looking bleak as far as their tiring team is concerned. What more can they do in the season?

Not much one may think. It is going to be an achievement if they do not stay at the number eight spot. It is fair to say that the appointment of David Miller as captain was a huge surprise. And why only a surprise, a big mistake would be just as appropriate to say.


They do not have the arsenal to do the salvaging job. The time has run out it seems. With six matches down and just the one win against their name, a miracle would get them close to where they would like themselves to be but that to be fair, is more hope than reality.