What a treat it is for all IPL fans to see Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers batting together. And what a treat it was on Friday night as the two came together to light up Pune. While Kohli smashed 80 runs off 63 balls, De Villiers carved up 83 runs of 46 deliveries. Both batted with panache and flair and aplomb to play a match-winning hand.

It is funny when you see two rare talents coming together. And you realise how they are two of a kind. That is the case with Kohli and De Villiers. Both pure stroke makers who are so similar.


Both can play the waiting game if required but are essentially and inherently aggressive players. De Villiers outshone Kohli on Friday. Kohli talked about why De Villiers is the best batsman in the world. And he is right. De Villiers has been playing longer than Kohli. Four years if you count all international matches. He showed why he is still the best in the world, also better than the Indian star.