Who is the real Glenn Maxwell? Is he a slogger who has little clue what about what will happen next? Or is he the confident, brash, aggressive stroke-maker who loves to keep fans on the edge? Whatever the answer may be but in reality ‘Maxi’ has been a big disappointment in the IPL this year.

Punjab have been a frustrating team to watch over the years. A lot of people are already saying that they may be at the bottom of the IPL table this year once the league games are over. And what about Maxwell? Well, truth be told, he has less than 100 runs to his name in the IPL this year. He is far from the batting star Punjab badly needed.


Let us be honest, Maxwell is no AB de Villiers but he is no Shahid Afridi either. He is somewhere in between. A decent international player who will have his fair share of ups and downs. No surprises there. That is the case with most players. May be Punjab are over-relying on Maxwell and there lies their real problem.