IPL 2019: From Ashwin’s Mankad to Dhoni losing his cool, 2019 IPL has seen its fair share of controversies. But, was Dhoni’s controversial run-out in the Final the mother of all controversies? It looks like, considering the situation of the match, the stage, and the player. It was close and could not have got any more close. The third umpire took his time with the play before adjudicating as out. After the decision, fans were instantly divided on social media with a group for and the other against. New Zealand cricketer Jimmy Neesham also gave his point of view where he felt Dhoni was out and the was surprised as to how fans felt it was not.

I love how passionate some fans are about our sport. I have huge respect for MS but how anyone could see the below photo and say it’s not out truly astounds me,” Neesham wrote in the caption of the picture.

Here is how fas disagreed with him:

“As a team we had a good season. But we need to go back and reflect on how we reached the finals. It’s not one of those years where we played really great cricket to reach here. The middle order wasn’t great, and today it was very funny as to how both teams were only passing on the trophy from one team to the other. Both teams made a lot of mistakes, the team that made one lesser mistake won. I think the bowlers did really well for us, even today it was definitely more than a 150 wicket,” said Dhoni after the loss.