IPL 2019: Former English cricketer Michael Vaughan is in India and he is probably getting used to the country in the summer of 2019. Vaughan took to Twitter and spoke about the cows, elephants, pigs and all sorts of animals in the middle of the road.  Fans on social media could not understand if he was being sarcastic or was it that he was loving India. Unfortunately, he faced the heat for his remarks, which he later clarified as well. “Love traveling in #India … So far this morning we have seen Elephants, Cows, Camels, Sheep, Goats & Pigs all in the middle of the road …”

Here is how Twitter lashed out at him.

Here is how he clarified his statement when an Indian fan asked him a pertinent question.

Vaughan, not long back also reckoned Kohli should rest himself after RCB slumped to their sixth defeat.