IPL 2019: Former India cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar faced heat on social media for trying to back Ravichandran Ashwin over the Mankad act. Manjrekar in his latest post tries to advise coaches to train youngsters to beware of getting mankaded. He goes on to say that it is within the laws of the game and then says that as far as ‘spirit’is concerned, that’s for after the game. “Dear coaches, train your batsmen at the non strikers end, to keep watching the bowler till he releases the ball. Mankading is a legitimate mode of dismissal. Be wary of it. As far as ‘spirit’is concerned, that’s for after the game, that you can pour in your glass.”

This statement by Manjreakar did not go down well with the fans who lashed out at him. Fans felt had it been an Indian batsman then the reaction would have been different.

Later, Ashwin did not show any regret for the act during the press conference. “My actions were within cricket’s rules, can’t be called unsporting. No real argument on that and it was pretty instinctive. I didn’t even load and he just left the crease. We ended on the right side of the coin, but I definitely think that those are game-changing moments and batsmen need to be wary of it,” Ashwin said after Kings XI beat Rajasthan by 14 runs.