Arbaaz Khan has been summoned by Thane Police Crime Branch in relation to the IPL Betting scandal, including Sonu Jalal. The Bollywood actor will be questioned in the crime branch and in all probability, here are the questions he will be asked by the investigating officer. We cannot confirm the time it will happen but what we can confirm are the questions the actor will have to counter.

Here are the questions:

How long have you and Sonu been friends?

When did you first meet Sonu?

How many times have you met Sonu and when the two of you met how many people were present?

How many more connections does Sonu have in Bollywood?

Were you aware Sonu is a bookie?

Do you know that Sonu has links with the D-Company?

How many times have you placed bets on cricket matches?

What is this Rs 3 Cr-issue, for which Sonu blackmails you?

The video that is available is of which place?

Apart from you, who else is involved?

Is Salman aware of it?

Who else in your family knows about the fact that you place bets?

How much money have you already placed?

Elaborate details about the Dubai meeting?

Who all do you know from the underworld?

Have you used underworld money in movies?

You were the producer of Dabaang and Dabaang 2, whose money was used?

Meanwhile, the scam came to light after top bookie Sonu Jalal was arrested. Apparently, Sonu had been blackmailing Arbaaz as the actor was not paying up a Rs 3 Cr amount. Sonu was nabbed by the police, following which more arrests were made. Sources also reveal that Sonu made a turnover of Rs 500 Cr in IPL 2018, and made Rs 10 Cr in the finals. Sonu also has links with the D-Company and has also fixed international matches in the past.