Sohail Khan admitted to having placed bets during IPL 2018 and also confessed to having lost a sum of Rs 2.80 Cr. The actor was summoned by Thane Anti-Extortion Cell, where he admitted have been betting since 6 years. These grave confessions are really going to create doubt in the minds of the fans about the credibility of the sport they consider religion. The actor is believed to have been in a nexus with Sonu Jalal, a top bookie from Mumbai who has links with the underworld.

We can confirm that the matter is not going to end here, investigations will go on in the next few days as police will look to get more information about the racket and its functioning.

But it seems Twittersphere found the funny side to this episode as well. Here are the tweets that will prove that.

We will keep you posted on all the updates on this issue…