Top bookie Sonu Jalan is being recognised as the ringleader of the IPL Betting scam. Sonu has links with Dawood Ibrahim’s close aides and worked closely for the D-Company. Sonu also has huge properties in Dubai. Apparently, Sonu was the first person nabbed, following which other arrests were made. Investigations revealed that a Bollywood nexus was also there, Bollywood star Arbaaz Khan was apparently involved in the racket as well.

Arbaaz Khan has admitted to being involved, he also confessed to having lost bet worth Rs 2.8 Cr. With Arbaaz now in trouble, it would be interesting to see how many more secrets are split. The actor also admitted having been in this racket for the past six years.

It is sad to see a celebrated actor’s downfall in such a manner. He is from a family of repute and distinction, yet he gets the lure of money is surprising.

Sonu in the meanwhile will be quizzed by the Thane Crime Branch over the next few days to see if has more to reveal. All this information will be important in curbing menace from the game. Here is the device he has been using, ANI uploaded the picture of it, which read,” of Special Line Holding Machine (a machine that works as a small telephone exchange) used by Sonu Jalan for running IPL betting racket. During interrogation earlier today, actor accepted that he had placed bets in IPL matches last year&had lost Rs 2.75 crore.”