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(Catch the live score updates of Northeast United FC (NEUFC) vs Kerala Blasters FC (KBFC) of Indian Super League (ISL) 2014 second match at the Indira Gandhi international stadium in Guwahati  here)

FULL TIME: NorthEast United FC, who were dubbed as the UNDERDOGS, have beaten Sachin Tendulkar’s Kerala Blasters by a solitary goal in the second ISL match. 1-0 it ends to the home side.

90+4′: Quick throw taken by KBFC wideman Gurwinder Singh to send Hume send one-on-one with Tzorvas. But the Canadian fails to equalise by sending his shot wide off NEUFC’s far post.

90′: As the fourth official shows the board for four minutes of added time, Chopra has a chance to equalise but his shot has no power and it’s an easy catch for Tzorvas. At the other end, NEUFC had the chance to go 2-0 up but Zohmingliana Ralte’s chip comes back off the crossbar and then Dong-Hyun shoots it wide.

88′: Hume does well to hold off an opposition player and retain possession at the edge of the box. He is fouled but the referee continues play as the ball rolls to Chopra who plays it to Singh, who gives it to Barisic. But the Croatian only shoots the ball wide.

83: Brilliant defensive work from NEUFC as Tzorvas and the entire backline combine together to keep the ball out. First there is a shot that the defence clears. Hume with the shot and then Michael Chopra takes powerful shot and the ball won’t reach the net. Kerala can’t believe their luck as the crowd  goes delirious.

81: Korean substitute Do Dong-Hyun comes on and there is some stylish footwork on display. NUFC are wasteful in possession and are unable to get the clincher with Kerala testing and probing.

75: Jamie McAllister comes off now and and Kerala break with speed and and the ball is snuffed out by the defence. Capdevilla and co are solid but Sabeeth makes powerful shot and the ball goes slightly wide.

72′: Scrambled effort from Kerala keeps them alive in the game as Milan Singh’s stylish footwork troubles the defence.

68: The game is getting stretched a little and there is another break from the Kerala powerhouse midfielder and captain Orgi and the ball is put in the back of the net for Iain Hume but its yet another offside. Koke comes off for NEFC and there is a thunderous applause to send him off.

65′: Tackles are flying in and after a ten year request, Michael Chopra comes on to the pitch to grace the Indian crowd and players, like I mentioned before are tumbling like a pack of cards with the battle getting feisty  with every passing minute.

60′: Jamie McAllister whips the ball in and its a corner for the blasters. Its a good corner that is taken and goalkeeper Zvorvos  takes a good catch. Substitution for Northeast as the firing squad Durga Boro is replaced by Milan Singh just after then stroke of the hour mark.

55: Nirmal Chettri tugs the opponent’s shit and its a foul. Surprisingly its not a yellow card.

52: Avinabo Bag takes a shot and its a corner. The ball is swung in James Mcallister and the attackers are rooted to the spot and barely do anything much to change things around here. Kerala are threatening again and Iain Hume plays a delightful ball through to the final third and its awkwardly tucked away for a corner.

46′: NEUFC get us underway in the second-half but Kerala Blasters win the ball and Mehtab Hossain attempts an audacious effort from a long way away. Second half


Half Time: What a time to score the goal and NEFC, despite playing on the counter have moved into the lead. Kerala Blasters will be heartbroken as despite constructing a good few passes, they lacked penetration in the final third and NEFC have taken full advantage of their superior finishing prowess here.

45”: Goal! KOKE The stadium is shaking with delirium and its the Spaniard Koke who opens the deadlock and its a superbly taken goal. The ball is deflected through on the right hand side and Koke takes it on the half-volley and smacks the ball to the bottom corner to leave David James no chance. Its half time as well.

43″ : James Keene is down yet again and its James McAllister, who smacks his opponent with his elbow on the back of keene’s head. The referee has a word and its a yellow card for McAllister. 40: Durga Boro has come in to play after watching some war films as has his right foot canons one shot after after another this attempt is rather tame after the excellent earlier effort that had David James in a tangle.

37′: Free Kick: Koke takes it from 30- years out but its an absolute waste as the ball goes miles wide of David James’s post and it was good position that NEFC found themselves in. With the battle being a cagey affair, it looks like one goal would be enough to settle this contest.

35: There are some tackles that are flying in and the referee is in no mood to stop the flow of play and brandish any cards here. The noise levels are deafening, just as it was from the first minute. NEFC goalkeeper Zvoras gives away a needless throw in.

30: End to end stuff for the first time in the game and yet again Kerala look dangerous and first a last ditch attempt saves the day for NEFC and then the counter almost opens the deadlock, with David James diving full stretch to stop a powerful shot from outside the area from Durga Bodo. Then there is another shot from outside the box and the ball misses the net.

26: There is a bit of bad blood that’s spilled on between these players and its a scrap between Spanish forward Koke and McAllister. The Scotsman makes an ugly two-footed challenge and he is lucky to be on the pitch. Not even a yellow card.

24: James Keene gets a nasty whack on the back of his head and the forward needs some treatment. Sabeeth is on a counter attack and the forward cuts in and shoots straight to the keeper and the Greek keeper pulls off a diving save. Corner. The ball is whipped in and its a good corner and the ball is scrambled away by the NEFC defence.

22”: NorthEast are testing and probing here and Durga Boro is put through with a delightful through ball but Robin Gurung shows great awareness and strength to the get the ball away from the forward. Excellent from the defender.

16: The Little Nigerian captain of Kerala, Orgi showed his class with a stylish turn and then forward Sabeeth played a delightful ball to Iain Hume and he finds the back of the net and its a GOAL…wait…offside. The back four was not in line but Hume had timed his run a tad too early but it was good quality football there.

12′: A freekick is whipped into the box and Avinabo Bag nearly kicks the ball into the net and panic struck within the NEFC defence. There is a general panic among both defences when the ball is played inside their territory. Kerala were stringing a few good passes in midfield but nothing came of it and NEFC nearly caught them out in the counter.

10′: JAmes Keene is in focus as a mistimed kick almost found the face of an opponent but David James did well, coming out and kicking the ball out of play as the ball nearly found the feet of forward Koke.

Fantastic crowd tonight! #NEUKER

7: David James has set out a line up which is on the lines of a mid-table team in England — no disrespect here. Solid at the back and compact and allowing very little space for the tricky players of NEFC to penetrate through the defence. There is little cohesion from both teams at the moment.

4”:  We have the first shot on target and its David Nghaite with the shot and the ball rolls to David JAmes at a snails pace. The crowd went in to raptures as David was on the ball and but it was an unrealistic shot from way out.

1”: As it was in the previous game, the game starts off with a  free kick  in the first few seconds. Lazy start to the game as both teams focus on ball retention more than anything else and we are yet to see the ball being played out to the midfield.

The  players have stepped out on the pitch and the national anthems are played out. Lets hope that the second match is as good as the first. As they have been drumming it for the last month or so..phew, lets football.

NorthEast United FC: (4-4-2) Alexandros Tzorvas, Alexandros Tzorvas; Aibor Khongjee, Miguel Garcia (c), Robin Gurung, Johan Capdevilla, David Ngaihte, Felipe, Zohmingliana Ralte, James Keene, Durga Boro; Koke

Formation: (4-2-3-1) Kerala Blasters: David James; Cedric Hengbart, Avinabo Bag, Stephen Pearson, Gurwinder Singh, Jamie McAllister, Mehtab Hossain, Penn Orgi; Iain Hume; CS Sabeeth

Welcome to the live updates of the second match and here are the live updates of the second match

One of the most fancied clubs of Indian Super League, Kerala Blasters will begin their campaign against Northeast United in the second match of the tournament on Monday at the Indira Gandhi international stadium in Guwahati. After a thrilling start to India’s greatest football tournament on Sunday amidst top players, glitz and glamour, ISL is expected to draw a lot of attention. The opening match saw a clash between heavyweights Sourav Ganguly’s Atletico de Kolkata and actor Ranbir Kapoor’s co-owned Mumbai City FC, which the former side won easily won by 3-0.

Sachin Tendulkar who was a star attraction in the opening ceremony will hope his team Kerala Blasters draws the first blood in their tournament opener against Northeast United. While Northeast United co-owned by actor and football enthusiast John Abraham will hope to draw motivation playing in front of their home crowd.

With lot of focus on this game courtesy the star presence in form of Sachin Tendulkar is expected to have a pan Indian following, irrespective of the players on the pitch. Apart from huge presence off the field, Kerela Blasters will seek inspiration from veteran English goalkeeper David James who has been named as the marquee player/coach in the Kochi setup. Like every other team in the ISL, the Kochi franchise, too have some established names in their set-up.

Northeast United, one of the youngest sides of ISL have Trinidad & Tobago striker Cornell Glen to look forward to. Glen has had a stint with Shillong Lajong and is expected to terrorise the Blasters defence upfront but the aforementioned northeast talent will be a major draw in this competition.

After Sourav Ganguly’s Kolkata produced a magnificent win in their opening match, Kerala Blasters will hope to present their owner Sachin with nothing less than a marvelous victory at Guwahati.