Former batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar highlighted the role of an opener in Test cricket and said it is not just about numbers but what the opener brings to the table. In a chat with PTI, Sachin said it is not just the mindset but also ability that is needed.

He spoke about the bigger picture of facing the red-ball. Having watched former India Test opener Virender Sehwag from close quarters, Tendulkar felt be it Tests or ODIs, Sehwag approached both formats with the same aggression.

“Sehwag had that different mindset. Be it an ODI or Test, he would more or less play in the same manner. That aggressive nature was always there. Again, it boils down to the capability and the potential of that particular player,” said Tendulkar.

“There are number of guys, who want to be aggressive but to able to use that ammunition (aggression) consistently enough is something that Sehwag had been able to do. That number (opener) suited him. One needs to wait and see how it pans out (for Rohit),” said Tendulkar, whose world record of 200 Test appearances is unlikely to be broken anytime soon.

Talking about philosophy, Tendulkar recalled that along with stupendous success, Sehwag also encountered rough patches but never changed his style.

“Like for Sehwag, he opened for the first time in England and got a hundred. It brought him success but there were occasions when he also had his share of rough patches. So it’s not the numbers that always really matter but what you bring to the table does,” he explained.